Hoves – Round 5.2

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Day 3

Wednesday morning Junior slept in. He had woken up fresh and energized so he decided to go for a jog. It was a workday so Screenshot_3the streets were pretty much empty but it was a sunny day, beautiful and promising.

He ran all the way to the beach, and he
had planned to run back home the same way he came. He had just passed the Public Pool where he saw Lysa, his younger brother’s fiancee, she was there with her brother, Hannah’s best friend Pegasus and he waved at them both and just continued running. Seeing the two of them had broken his running meditation and his thoughts strayed back to his wife.

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Hoves – Round 2.1

After the Browns and the Prentiss here is another round for the Hoves. Their story beings on Wednesday, around 9 a.m. (There was a bug with Junior, I couldn’t play until I moved him out so he is missing from this update, hopefully next time I play TS3W_2015-09-23_22-49-37-56he will be ok). If you missed round 1, you could read it here but it’s ok to skip and go on.

Also if you missed it the last time Blair is now an elder.

Day 1

In her nightmares she didn’t pass out, she was awake the whole time and she was going through the house searching for her children. Smoke was everywhere and she was unable to see anything so she called for them, inhaling the poisonous air, it hurt to breathe but she yelled and yelled: “FREDDIE!! KERRY!! WHERE ARE YOU??” But they didn’t respond. There wasn’t even a cry…

Hannah woke up all drenched in sweat. She wondered will the nightTS3W_2015-09-23_23-23-40-14mares ever stop? Both her brother, Andrew and her best friend Pegasus who were both doctors said they will. They said after that kind of trauma it was normal but Hannah wasn’t convinced… It had been two years and still she couldn’t get that terrible day out of her head.

She had been alone with the kids that day. Junior was at work, Blair was on a mission (the last one she would ever go on) and Dougie was out… Who knows where he had gone. Those days she had been so tired all the time, she had two toddlers, her part time job and still hadn’t given up her dream of finishing med school. She was cooking lunch and had gone upstairs to find Freddie, Kerry was in the living room watching cartoons. She found Freddie in Mya’s room and she sat on the bed to watch her play. She must have fallen a sleep.

When she woke up the fire alarm was blaring. It must be broken was her fist thought as she opened her eyes. But then she felt the heat and saw smoke rising from the kitchen. She panicked. Freddie was siting right there her little face pale from fear. She picked her up, and whispered soothing words in her ear. “It would be alright baby… ” She repeated all over even though her own heart was attempting to escape her chest. She run down the stairs, the living room had not caught fire yet, at this time it was only in the kitchen. She only looked at the open door and saw the flames dancing everywhere, scared more than ever she ran outside and placed her daughter on the front lawn. She kissed her forehead gently and whispered: “Mummy will be right back… I need to find your brother.Stay here.” Freddie didn’t say anything and she ran inside. Where was Kerry? She ran upstairs again but by that time the house was full of smoke. She coughed and coughed and at some point of her frantic running she passed out.

She woke up and saw Hoster, Andrew’s spouse. He was a fireman and when she saw him all in uniform she thought: Thank God. We are saved. “Hannah, are you ok?” He asked. She nodded. “The paramedics are outside, can you walk?” She nodded, her throat hurt, she couldn’t speak. “My children…” She managed to say in a thin whisper. “They will be fine, we must go…” She followed him outside, by that time the living room was on fire she saw when she had gotten down the stairs, another fireman, Clyde Belgen, she knew him as well, was putting out the fire. My children… She thought. She was so scared.

It was Hoster who fouTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-24-09nd Freddie. She had not listened to her, and when she went back inside she ran to the other side of the house, to the pool. Her father had been teaching her to swim so she thought she would get in the pool, because fire could not find her there. Luckily Hoster found her before she jumped in and got her to safety.

And what saved her baby boy was nothing but luck. He was in the living room watching cartoons when the fire broke out and by some instinctTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-50-43, or whatever ruled the decisions of a of a one year old he hid under the stairs, behind the TV and Clyde managed to put out the fire before it was too late. He found her son and carried him outside. He had inhaled a lot of smoke and had to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation but he was alive and well in no time.

The nightmares began immediately, followed by the terrible guilt of nearly killing her children, Hannah was a mess. Andrew got her to see a therapist but it was only the support of her husband and family that got her out of this terrible place she was… What was the worst for Hannah however was the fact her own daughter had been having this nightmares as well, and not only that she had been so traumatized she stoppTS3W_2015-10-01_20-40-16-56ed talking.

Throw in a state of despair Hannah could not do anything for her daughter and fell on the rest of the family to help the poor toddler. Blair retired from the force as soon she got back and she was there, all the time, and everyone else at the house chipped in as well. But it was Hannah’s sister Alyssa who got Freddie to talk at last. Hannah would never now how she did it, and would never care, the important thing was that Freddie was recovering…

She was in tears when she thanked Alyssa, the two of them werenTS3W_2015-10-10_13-18-55-45‘t close, they fought constantly as teenagers and later never rebuilt the relationship but Hannah would never forget what she did for her, like she would never what Hoster and Clyde did, even though it was their job.

Back to the present she went downstairs to get started on some chores. When she got back to her room Dougey was there already watching cartoons with the kids.

He held Kerry in his arms and Freddie sat on her bed. She smiled at Dougey who was yawning loTS3W_2015-10-10_13-13-36-05udly and she felt a wave of gratitude. The whole family took such good care for those kids and she was so lucky to have them.

The rest of the day was peaceful, assured by Blair and Dougey that they have it all covered she went to work, she still worked part-time at the bookstore and afterwards went fishing, enjoying the peacefulness she couldn’t find anywhere else… It was recommended by her therapist to go back to fishing and he was right, it helped, it also helped she brought home some perfect anchovies.

Day 2TS3W_2015-10-10_13-32-00-62

Getting up the next day and seeing Dougey in the living room playing video games brought back memories to the day after the fire. She got downstairs that day only to a similar image, Dougey sitting on the floor surrounded by ashes and debris, completely ignorant of everything around him playing his damn video game.

Sometimes she really admired that boy, his ability to adapt to what life threw at him, facing it all with a smile, as long as he could had his PS, other times sheTS3W_2015-10-10_13-34-38-98 felt he was being too babied by his mother. He was a man, well into his twenties and all he ever did was party and play. He was great to her kids though, they loved uncle Dougey, but she hoped her own son won’t be like that.

It was noticeable, especially at times like this when her husband was away (this time it was the International Forensics seminar and he was invited to speak as a renowned Dynamic DNA Profiler) that there was no man of the house. Hannah was raised in a family where that was of paramount importance. A man of the house was to be relied on in all matters, and should have a say in all decisions, but TS3W_2015-10-10_13-45-15-23with Dougey as the man of the house it all fell to her and Blair and she felt he was barely less a child then her boy Kerry, the only difference being Dougey could be relied on to go to the bathroom by himself, and was able to feed himself. Just the other day Blair had to call the repairman to fix their computer, Junior would never allow that, not unless he got at it fist but Dougey didn’t really care, as long as the Play Station was working…

But it was not Hannah’s place to complain. After all she owed so much to Dougey and Blair and just tTS3W_2015-10-10_13-43-45-43hat night, thanks to their babysitting she could find the time to go to a party, where she would meet Nala Caliente, the famous movie composer, and get her autograph as well.

She wished her husband was here to share this with him she thought as she headed home… She would call him in the morning but it was not the same. He worked so much lately. He had even missed Freddie’s last birthday. She hoped he wouldn’t to the same to Kerry…

She knew the kids were young but they noticed this things. She remeTS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-58-67mbered how bad Freddie felt that day and even though catching bad guys was important, so was family. She was determined to remind her husband of that and she almost called him that evening but decided against in the last minute. He was probably tired for talks like that… It could wait till the morning she assured herself, but as she was drifting a sleep she already knew what will she be telling herself tomorrow, it could wait until he gets back…

Hope you liked this one, a little more throwback than actual events but the present was not so fun. Don’t miss part 2. 🙂