Hoves – 7.1: Teenage love

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Kerry Hoves was in love. Well maybe that had been an understatement. He was trapped by a powerful force that sucked him and held him hostage. A force so gripping it could be called by no other name than pure, teenage infatuation. The force had sucked his mind of all coherent thoughts living just the thoughts of her, her lovely smile, her dark hair, her lovely round face.


It made him content to do nothing at all but lay on his bed, with a smile on his face and think of her. Because what could be nicer.

He had no idea how long it had lasted, that maddening love of his, it could have started the day they met, the chubby red haired boy with big round glasses and the new, shy girl. He knew when he had realized it. It was the weekend they went camping, the two of them and Bran, his best friend.  They had stared at the moon together and she told him one of her adoptive mothers was dying. There were tears in her eyes and he knew, from the bottom of his heart he knew, that he was ready to do anything, truly anything to stop her from being hurt, to make her smile, just a little. He knew he loved her.

A week later he broke up with his girlfriend Tami. It was as bad as he imagined it would be, a lot of shouting and screaming and a cold look in the girl’s eyes. A cold look that made him wonder what she might do to Persephone if she found out the real reason Kerry was breaking up with her… But he put it behind him, he knew he would do whatever he could to protect his Persephone, from anything, even his psychotic ex-girlfriend.

When the new school year started he even stopped his long running flirtation with Marcia Milton and focused all his thoughts on expressing his ever growing love to Persephone Santoro. The later proved harder than he had expected it to be. For one he, Kerry Hoves, found himself suddenly afraid and self-conscious around a girl he knew, and was friend since they were kids. He was sure he would somehow screw everything up and lose her forever. And he couldn’t allow that. Not ever.

She of course knew something was wrong. Perse was not a stupid girl.  “Why are you calling me Persephone all the sudden?” She asked him one afternoon when they headed home from school. Kerry shrugged.

“That is your name.” She smiled.

“I know. But you always called me Santoro, Hoves.” She said accenting his last name.

“I don’t know. It just seems nicer to call you by your name.”

“As you wish.” She said. “Maybe I’ll try calling you Kerry.” She smiled at this. It was a beautiful sight, but very rare in those days. That was the other reason Kerry found it so hard to confess his love. It turned out that Elaine Buford Santoro, Persephone’s adoptive mother was indeed very sick and dying. And that fell very hard on Perse, as hard as one might expect but Kerry was determined to make it easier to her, as easy as he could so he tried to cheer her up as much as possible.

As winter steadily approached Persephone skipped school more often, to be with her mum Kerry guessed. And so every day he didn’t see her there he would anxiously wait for the last bell of the day to ring and head to her house. By that time Elaine was pretty much bedridden already and when he turned up Perse’s other mother Phaena would go out to walk their dog leaving them alone at home.


He wouldn’t stay long, just long enough to share what Perse might have missed at school, give her his notes to copy and try to make her laugh, at least once, it would make his heart jump and he knew she needed it as well, whenever he saw her those days she had a look of someone who had just stopped crying. It was heartbreaking really. But he could nothing more.

As the Winder Dance approached no one in school seemed to be able to talk about anything else, even Kerry’s big sister Freddie who hated those things seemed excited about it now that she had a boyfriend. And so one evening after they had helped Perse’s younger sister Phania with her homework Kerry gathering all his courage, asked the big question:

“Would you come to the dance with me?” Persephone lifted her head and focused her eyes on his.

“The dance? I don’t think I’ll go.” Kerry felt like he had been punched in the guts with an iron fist.

“Why not?” He asked in a whiny voice that reminded him of his little sister Haley when she wanted something badly. Persephone didn’t even smile.

“I am just not in the mood for all that… Thank you Kerry. For everything you are doing for me.  You are a better friend than I deserve.” She sighed deeply. “You truly are. I wish I will get a chance to repay you…” She made a slight pause. “But I can’t go to the dance, I am sorry, I appreciate the gesture though.” Kerry couldn’t say a thing. His gut felt like it was full of lead now and his mouth was dry, unable to produce a single sound. “There is still time though.” Persephone said forcing a small smile. “You could still find a date. Marcia would never say no to you.” Kerry knew he would never go with another girl. He would rather be actually punched in the gut but he couldn’t find the strength to say it. All he could say was:

“I  wish you would go with me.” Before Persephone could reply however another voice spoke from the door.

“You should go.” Persephone’s mother Elaine looked like a ghost. She was thin, and pale, her long hair white instead of her normal light blond. But she was still on her feet, her eyes fixed on her daughter.

“Mum! You should be in bed.” Persephone said getting up from the couch she and Kerry had been sitting on to go to the older women.

“I woke up and overheard you two. I had to get up to tell you this. You should go Persephone. I am dying. I will be dying on Friday when you go to the dance. And I will still be dying when you come back home. But you love, you are alive, and should go, and live, have fun, for a little while at least. For me.” Tears spilled down her pallid cheeks and tears spilled from Perse’s eyes as well. Even Kerry himself felt like crying but when half an hour later Persephone followed him out she said:

“I’ll go.” And the whole world lightened up at once.


When the day of the dance finally came and Kerry found himself  waiting outside the Santoro family home he couldn’t help being nervous. Usually he knew his way around girls but this… This was important, maybe the most important night of his life, everything hinged on this. He could not blow it.

It didn’t help that Persephone looked exquisitely beautiful when she came out to see him. She wore a long dark dress and had her silken hair down. She smiled nervously when she saw him but her eyes were once again filled with tears. Kerry suddenly wanted nothing more than to pull her in a tight embrace and hold her whispering that all would be okay. He didn’t do. He smiled instead, telling her how beautiful she looked. He didn’t own a car, so they walked together to the school. They talked all the way and he did his best to make Persephone forget about everything else in her life.

That had been the last dance her mother Elaine saw he go to and that time in the Santoro’s living room was the last time Kerry saw the older woman. She died a few weeks later, in her bed with her wife Phaena holding her hand. But that night neither of them thought of that. They danced, and Persephone actually laughed. Kerry brought her drinks and told her jokes. And when the dance was over neither of them was really ready to go home.

They sat on the cold grass in the park and watched the stars together. The evening was not so cold, and the sky unusually bright. But Kerry didn’t care about any of that. All he cared was the lovely woman next to him. He wished he was brave enough to tell her how he felt. How much he loved her, now and any other day. But he wasn’t. And so they were both silent, both trapped in their own thoughts. And then Kerry felt a warm touch on one of his outstretched hands and he looked down and saw Persphone had taken his hand in hers. He turned to her and she just smiled and he smiled back. His hear was beating like crazy but he was happy.


And that is how it had begun. With a single touch of hands. The greatest romance of all times. Or so Kerry saw it. And he saw little else.

He didn’t see how much more his father was drinking now that he was retired. He didn’t see his mother’s efforts to get fit. He didn’t see his older sister Freddie hide a box of cash underneath their bunk bed, right next to her box of stolen trinkets Kerry also didn’t see. He didn’t see how tall his brother Ty was getting as he neared his teenage years. He barely saw his sister Haley when she spoke to him.

He didn’t miss out in school, he still got on honor roll but that was simply because he never needed to put much effort into school anyway, some of his IQ test scores labeled him a genius, he never saw himself that way but Persephone loved to remind of him that pretty often, even back when they were just friends and he called her Santoro and he called him Hoves.


Everything else was irrelevant. All he ever saw was Perse. And he loved her so. And she loved him back. And everything in the world was alright.

/* We have moved on to the Hoves! Their story will be a little shorter than the Prentiss was. I have less story for them but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have also made their family tree, you can see it here.  Thanks for reading!*/

Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.2: Princess

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The princess stood on the balcony of her castle watching with a smile at her kingdom below. She cast her gaze over the rolling green hills, the vibrant forests teeming with life, and the small villages in between where her people were hard at work bringing in this year’s harvest. Winter would soon be upon them and they must be ready.


Sabina was sure they would be. She believed in her people, in her kingdom, when winter comes they would want for nothing… Well almost nothing…. The prince was still gone, her prince, the love of her life… He had gone far away to war and left her alone to rule the kingdom and dream patiently of his return… Sabina sighed. She missed him, as much as she had ever missed anyone….

And then she gave her land one last longing look and suddenly there he was. Seated on a white horse as a true prince should be, triumphantly returned from a distant war, he looked up at her and she smiled when they eyes met almost crying out with delight before remembering that a princess should not act that way.

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Javeed-Prentiss – Round 6.1: An evening stroll

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It was a pleasant evening for a stroll. Cocoa was glad Andrew talked her into it. Lately this evening walks have become her favourite time of the day, just some quiet time with her best friend in the whole world… Looking at Andrew now Cocoa couldn’t help but feel grateful that they got to grow old together. Once her husband died it nearly destroyed her… She thought she would never again feel happy or anything but lonely… It was Andrew that helped her get over that… It was always Andrew that helped her pick up the pieces… Like when she got her heart broken by his little brother Tommy, or when she lost her first baby…

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Caliente (Dina)-Round 6.3: Raid and recovery

/* NOTICE: This post continues directly on the previous post, I split them up because it was getting too long. I recommend reading previous post first. Also this is a flashback post, it explains the events mentioned in Escape, and happens much before all other posts in this round(except Locked up and  Escape) so don’t get confused. 🙂 */

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In her dream the memories came back. She came to work like she did any other day. She brought two cups of coffee, one for herself and one for her partner and mentor Jesse Hoves. She was really starting to like her job. It was a big change from being a receptionist down in the basement, in the forensics department. She didn’t have as much time as she did before, she couldn’t draw at work anymore, she had to shadow and learn from the senior officer but she didn’t mind it one bit. She knew she would learn a lot from Jesse Hoves. He had been a police officer his whole life. He was old, older then her mother probably but even though his hair had gone gray he still had a charming smile and lively eyes.


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Caliente – Round 6.3: Back to school

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When it was time to go back to school Bran had mixed feeling about the whole ordeal. In one hand he was glad he would see get to see Nan every day again. He was hoping that would force them to talk again and talking might help repair things between them. In the other hand he dreaded seeing everyone else again. He still remembered the bad rep his best friend Kerry got after he was seen flirting with a girl that wasn’t his girlfriend at his party. And what Bran did at the dance was much, much worse…

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Rosie’s Emails – 1

Dear Mum, Latricia and Bran,

I never thought I would struggle so much for words when writing to you guys but believe me I am. Before everything I want you to know that I am fine,  I have arrived to Bridgeport, found a nice apartment and started seeing that therapist that my old one recommended. I’m seeing her three times a week now and it helps me, a lot. She says I’m not ready to reconnect with the past just yet so I can’t invite you too visit but she encourages contact so here is me… Contacting you… 

My flat is not so big but I have a nice big terrace up here, with a view and everything. Tricia would hate it, I can just tell but I love it! The big buildings, the bustle, the noise, the commotion, everything! Here is a picture of my view, in case you don’t believe me.


I hope you are all doing well, I miss you, I really do! Please tell me everything, write, call whatever.

Love Rosie

Dear Sara,

I really hope you won’t delete this email the moment you see it’s from me… I screwed up, I know that, I know I hurt you and many others. You have no idea how hard it is, and was for me, but I’m trying to make it right, to get my life together. I could never make it up to you but I’m trying… I hope you’ll see that and still be a part of my new life, that is how I see this, as if I have truly died and been given a second chance to start over.

If you have read on let me tell you about my life in the majestic city of Bridgeport! I love it here! It’s all I ever dreamed living in a big city would be like, and then some. I kid you not! The downside is it does get a little lonely here and you know me, stuck me in front of a tv or a loptop and I’m never getting off the chair. So I joined a gym, the same one I went that one time when I was here with mum, remember where I met Lola Belle, well I started going there hoping I would ran into her and she would remember me (I did, and OMG she did!!! but more on that later :P),

And one day I’m going in and this guy whistles as I walk by, really whistles and I’m the only girl there! Crazy right? Well I turn around and he asks for my number and I gave it to him, I was like what the hell, how often do I turn heads, right?

Two days later he calls, he asks me out to this art gallery opening. Luckily I bought a new sweater that very day so I don’t have to worry about what to wear! (Picture attached). Well I go out with him, his name is Big, Big Hartley (I see I had not written that before). He lives with (get this): Tom Wordy! (you gotta love Bridgeport, and besides I kinda met him too but that’s another date), anyways he is an ex bounceScreenshot_2r trying to get into professional boxing (an athlete again, I know, I’m talking this trough with my therapist). And we are at this gallery, it’s all fancy, and he is being very suggestive about how he wants this night to end but I play it cool, I talk about art (thanks Sara, I wouldn’t know half of that stuff if it wasn’t for you), name drop Cocoa Brown, he never heard of her but I can see he is impressed, and we end the night at this diner just chatting away till sunrise… The diner’s on this cliff it’s pretty cool, I imagined us kind of watching the sunrise together, a bit of romance but I guess Big just isn’t that kind a guy so we just say goodbye and that was our first date.

As for the second one, well it wasn’t a date per se, he was in the “hood” and he called, asked if I was “up for a walk” and we did walk around the city, just talking and stuff, he bought me some food from a food truck (those are seriously a thing in Bridgeport and the food is… interesting is the right word), and there we ran into his roomie, Tom Wardy and he kind of introduced us, it was cool.Screenshot_3

What else? Oh right! Lola! Well like I said I ran into her in the gym, she didn’t remember me at first but we chatted, I said I was Nina Caliente’s daughter and that rang a bell, she even introduced me to Jupiter, her son. (There is a link to a picture of us from some website, she is THAT cool even in a gym).

That’s it for me… I’m really doing better. I hope you can forgive me and we can move past my suicide attempt. There I said it… Write back please! I want to hear about your life. Did you and Jared set a date? How’s your art? When am I going to see your stuff in a gallery?

Love Rosie

Dear Donovan,

I didn’t forget you, I’m so glad you wrote to me. I’m glad you are doing well, both you and Hazel, send my love to him. What’s new in my life? 

I told you about Lola (that’s right first name basis, suck it Alto)? We saw each other at the gym, talked a bit there, and then the other day, I’m sitting home, minding my own business, watching the news when I hear the intercom and it’s Lola! I buzz her in, she stopped by for a drink and we hang out. Me and Lola Belle. Seriously. (I know you don’t believe me, so here goes, from my sneaky web cam)


Yeah that’s about it… I upped my ranking on online chess but I doubt that tops this. FREAKING LOLA BELLE AT MY APARTMENT!

I’m still looking for a job, I know no one knows better than you that nothing beats working at a spa (:P) but it’s time for a change, my therapist agrees and we’ll see. I’m glad we are keeping in touch! Please write again!

Love Rosie

Hoves – Round 6.4: Crushed

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The place where Frederica Hoves found herself that evening was ugly, unwelcoming. Even Frederica had to admit to that as she looked at the monstrosity in front of her.  The exterior of the mansion, or whatever you called the house was made of ugly, grey and mismatched stone. The front door was huge but unappealing. For most people it would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to live here. Most people might be scared or at least creeped out at the sight. Frederica however could not help but smile. It was just the kind of place she would like to live in one day.


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