Brown – 7.3: Ballerina

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Like Harry predicted both of kids loved the puppy he got Aenar as an early present for his thirteenth birthday. Piggy was adorable, she was warm and cuddly, she had the energy to keep up with the kids always running around on those little black and white legs of her. And she never peed inside the house! She was a perfect little thing.


Vaela would spend every morning with her, playing until she was almost late for school and she had to run so she wouldn’t miss the bus. Aenar was more responsible, he would wait until after school, and after he had finished his homework to go and play and often he would invite his friend Melissa Gradle over as well so they can both spend time with the puppy. Harry was very pleased with himself for bringing Piggy into the family.

Now that his kids were grown, and could entertain themselves he found more time to go back to painting, he had been putting his job aside in order to spend time with the little ones but he was eager to back to what he loved, and how he brought food to the table.

He was in the garden, coloring the sketch he had been working on one evening when Vaela interrupted him.

“Hey daddy, can we talk?” She asked softly.

“Sure princess.” He said smiling and turning towards her a brush still in his hand.

“I wanted to sign up for these ballet dances in my school… Do you think that would be okay?” She asked nervously.

“And why wouldn’t it be?” Harry asked smiling. Vaela just shrugged.

“Could you take me there tomorrow after school?”

“Of course princess!” Vaela smiled brightly.

“Thank you daddy!” She exclaimed and ran inside to get ready for bed, hopefully. Harry let Rhae his wife deal with that tonight as he got back to his painting.


The next day Harry found himself at the nearly empty corridor of his children’s school. He used to go to school here as well, there was only one school in all of Sunset Valley, and the same building hosted both the elementary and the high school. He looked around unsure if he should be happy or sad that so little had changed in the years that had passed between him and his school days. He got so lost in his nostalgia that he had almost forgotten the little hand squeezing his own.

He had gone and spoken to the school’s ballet teacher and Vaela was officially enrolled and in fifteen minutes her actual class was starting. He looked down at her and noticed she was nervously biting her lip her light green eyes glued to the door to the girl’s changing room.

“Is something wrong princess?” He asked curiously and his daughter turned to him.

“Do you think I’ll be horrible at it?” She asked in a faint voice. Harry smiled.

“Of course I don’t.”

“Melissa is very good.” Vaela continued. “She had a great recital at the beginning of the school year. She was very good, everyone clapped.”

“Well Melissa is older than you, she is in Aenar’s class right?” Vaela nodded. “Well there you go, she had more time to practice. I am sure you’ll catch up with her in no time if you work as hard.” Harry told her. “And you will have your own recital and me and mom would come to watch, and uncle Haze, and uncle Donnie…”

“And Aenar?” Vaela asked quietly.

“Even Aenar. In less then a week he might become a grumpy teenager but he will always be your big brother.” Vaela smiled.

“If he gets too grumpy I will need my own room…” Harry smiled back at her.

“We’ll see about that. Now go dazzle everyone, my brave princess.”

“I will, thank you daddy.” His daughter said and pushed open the door leaving Harry alone in an empty hallway.


When he got home Harry found his son in his room, doing his homework.

“Need any help?” Harry asked and the boy shook his head.

“I am good. There is just a lot of work, nothing hard…”

“Good to hear.” Harry said smiling.  It would surprise him if he had answered any other way, both his children had As in school.  “Are you excited about your birthday?” He asked and Aenar nodded.

“Uncle Hazel is throwing me a party. I helped him with the guest list.” Harry smiled. His little brother sure did love parties.

“Who did you invite?”

“Melissa and Silvester.” Aenar said. “They are the only kids from school I would like there, except for Vae of course. And I told him to make sure to invite uncle Tomas and Luther and Jerod. Because you know… They might need some cheering up…”

Harry just nodded unsure as to what to say. He was often amazed at just how good and caring his little boy was., he must have gotten it from his mother, Rhaenys was the kind of person that wanted to save the world, from everything that was bad… And Aenar was like that sometimes, when he had the chicken pox awhile ago and they went to the hospital for a check up he saw some other sick kids and begged Harry to let him donate his allowance to the pediatric ward. And now at the time of his birthday party he was thinking about the less fortunate… Harry just hoped his son would never change, he hoped he would always stay so innocent and sweet.

Browns – Round 2.1

The Browns are back! Like I wrote yesterday this update will be divided into two posts, the first covering the first two days and the second the second two days.

If you want to read round 1 you are welcome to: here. If you don’t it’s ok you can just go on ahead. If you did read it, remember that this update is three years later than the first one. It’s Tuesday 6 a.m…

Day 1 

Harry’s parents divorced before he was one year old and since that time he had spent time divided between his father’s world and his mother’s world, at least up until he was fifteen, when his father died.

Even when old man Harald was alive Harry preferred being with his mum. His father was a strict, hard man with his, at least in Harry’s mind, close minded opinions on things. But as time passed Harry would often hear his father’s voice inside his head, like a voice of conscience in the most inconvenient of times, like this morning. Harry was in the car with Hazel, they were coming back from a long weekend in Hidden Spring and as they were sitting in his mother’s car, getting back from a vacation that his mother had paid to his mother’s house, he heard his father yelling in his ear. “Are you really proud of yourself son? Did you enjoy resting your sorry ass from sitting at home?” He straightened himself in his sit, causing Hazel to throw him a look from the drivers seat but still he felt very uncomfortable. For once his father was right. He had finished school years ago but he was just fooling around ever since while his mum who was supposed to be the one enjoying herself, retired, after years of all sorts of jobs and raising four children.

When they got back home mum was out. She went to the paTS3W_2015-10-03_20-46-44-44rk. She enjoyed the, still warm autumn mornings and watching the leaves turn yellow as the seasons shifted. Harry knew she would probably be away for a while, she would call her friend Tori, and talk about how he great two boys had graduated from school with honors… She always spoke about them that way, with pride while they were nothing more than, well sorry ass losers…

He sat on the sofa and spread the papers he had taken from tTS3W_2015-10-03_20-54-21-35he door. Hazel, ignoring the dirty dishes sat at the counter drinking one of those plazma juices he was drinking all the time now. The add section was not promising. He guessed he could always join the army… His father would have approved of that. It was a real man’s job. And if his memory served him well his old man was in the army once… He didn’t know what his mother would say but he gave up trying to impress her years ago… That fight he would always lose to Hazel, her perfect prodigy baby… He sighed loudly. What Harry really wanted to do was to be a painter, like his older sister Cocoa but was this the time to follow his dreams or was it a time to step up and be a man? Essentially it was a TS3W_2015-10-03_20-58-20-28choice, which of his parent’s teachings would he follow?

“Hey Haze, do you think we are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders?” He asked his younger brother. “Never really thought of it…” Hazel replied and he knew he was right. As smart as he was Hazel could sometimes be oblivious to the simplest of things. “Don’t you think mum would tell us if that was the case?” Harry sighed again. “That’s the thing man… I don’t think she would.”

He went to the City Hall before his mother got home. He signed the papers, he was officially registered as a self employed painter. Hazel went with him. He registered as a self employed gardener. “What?” he asked when Harry smirked at him. “We have a garden, I work it anyway, I might as well sell the things we grow, we can’t eat them all…” He was right of course but Harry doubted Hazel would really stick to this kind of work. TS3W_2015-10-03_21-05-11-42

Hazel always had a flair for music, and Harry knew he dreamed of being a musician. Just last year for his birthday mum bought him an electrical guitar and he was always playing that damn thing everywhere but Harry was not about to meddle. When they got home he took out Cocoa’s old easel and placed in the garden. He was ready to start his paint splashing career. After one painting he got tired so he went to take a nap before dinner. Mum made salad, since Hazel was on a diet. Harry wanted to tell her she doesn’t have to bother since he barely ate at all lately, he only slurped those damn juices but then his phone rang.

“Hello, is this Harry Van Prentiss?” It was a pretty voice, melodic, and most definitely female. It was a tad discouraging that the pretty lady (she must have been pretty with a voice like that) used his full name but what could you do. “Yes this is he.” TS3W_2015-10-03_21-07-05-71“Great! This is Rhaenys, we met at a party at my place, last week.” Yup. Harry thought pleased with himself, a pretty lady indeed. “I remember, Rhaenys the scientist.” He said with a smile and the woman laughed. “Right, that is me. So I was wondering… If you have time this week… We could go for a drink?” At this Harry’s heart started to pound. This definitely wasn’t something he was used to… He tried to remain cool, promised he would give her a ring and went to the table to eat with his family.

Even though Harry held the image of a player (or at least he felt he had) the truth was that he had never had a girlfriend, in this twenty years he had never even kissed a girl. He had spent years chasing after his classmate Sara Caliente but that never even got him into the friendzone. After that he liked her little sister, Summer but she was way younger then he was and he decided he would wait until she was older and now a woman, an actual woman was asking him out…

Day 2

The next morning he got up early, that was unusual for him but he couldn’t sleep last night anyway. He ran into his mother in the kitchen, she had just come in from work and was preparing breakfast, he was ready to tell her about his career choices but he noticed she didn’t quite seem herself. “What’s up mum?” He asked her, hearing the worry in his own voice. His mother took a deep breath. “Hoster died last night.” Harry was stunned. He didn’t know his brotherTS3W_2015-10-03_21-12-47-65‘s partner that well, in fact he barely knew his brother Andrew at all. He was his father’s son, with his first wife and old Harald had thrown him out of the house the day he came out and told everyone he was going to marry Hoster and that was before Harry himself was even born but he knew his mother had been close to them so he just nodded and got out of her way before he said something inappropriate.  He decided to use the time meditating, there was just too much in his head and he needed to sort it all out…

His meditation was interrupted by his phone ringing. Hoping it was Rhaenys again he hastily picked up the phone. Unfortunately it was not her, it was the supermarket. He used to work there years ago, while he was still in school. The manager was desperate, they needed help with some puzzle shipment gone awry and they were calling everyone they knew had time. He was about to hang up on them when they promised there would be money involved. Knowing it might take a while for this painting thing to take off he said he would drop by.

The rest of the morning was uneventful, his friend Holly who worked at the papers called to ask if it was true he had taken up a painting career and he was once again amazed how quickly news traveled through this town and was reminded once TS3W_2015-10-03_21-22-06-63again he had to talk to his mother…

In the afternoon he went to the supermarket, they were able to assemble the puzzle demo in time and he got to see Phaena Santoro in the flesh.

The day was a complete win. When he got home he learned mum was giving Haze a break from the diet-she was making hot dogs. And after dinner he went to the Fusion Lounge to their new drink promotion and got drunk for free. Life was good.

That’s it for this update, the next part of the Browns will come out tomorrow. Thank you for reading, hope you liked it. 🙂