Mayor – Round 6.4: Sunset at the Gradle mansion

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When Zeke opened his eyes that morning all he saw was green, lots and lots of green. He blinked a few times trying to remember where he was. There was a warm bed underneath him, but it wasn’t his bed, or his room. As he scanned the walls he saw diplomas, sport awards and trophies and he realized it must have been Marty’s brother’s room.


He wondered where Ollie Gradle woke up that morning feeling guilty he usurped the young man’s room.  His memories of last night were rather foggy, he couldn’t believe he had gotten drunk again… But it was hard to say no to Marty’s father who kept passing him the beers and patting his back. He groaned loudly as he tried to get up. His head didn’t hurt as badly as the other day but his throat was parched.

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Mayor- Round 6.3: Parties and Misunderstandings

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Days and weeks passed and autumn took hold of Sunset Valley and still Zeke hadn’t heard from Marty. She texted him, that same night at the waterfall, the night she ran away from him and his bright plans for their future. I am sorry. She had said. Zeke wanted to reply, he really did but what could he have said? He was hurt. Deeply terribly hurt. He couldn’t make sense of anything any more… He had never felt so hopeless before.

Were he and Marty still together? He didn’t know. Did she realize she doesn’t want to marry him, or be with him at all? He didn’t know. Had she met someone during filming this summer? Was that it? Did she love someone else? He didn’t know…

Nothing made sense in this Marty-less world. He missed her every single day. He was used to talking to her, hearing her laugh, seeing her smile. It was weird to imagine that this could be his life now. A life without Martha Gradle in it… The thought was awful and painful.

In stead Zeke thought about the lovely moments he and Marty had… He thought about the day he proposed to her, how spontaneous and wonderful that had been…


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Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.4 – Celebrations

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Screenshot_28Sara sat in Alyssa’s office her heart beating like crazy, her palms sweating as she moved them from griping the seat handles to rest on her knees. The electrifying excitement followed her from the dark basement in the office building downtown right back to the police station.

The note she found on the crates in the abandoned office, carefully bagged by all the procedures Alyssa and Mr. Hoves had shown her just hours ago was now in  Mr. Hoves’ hands and both he and Alyssa were busy examining it in silence that was unbearable for Sara’s nerves.

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Caliente – Round 5.2 (A party)

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Hospitals were always filled with movement, the sound of footsteps, voices and cries. Or so Latricia learned having to spend a lot of time there following her sister’s suicide attempt. The coma ward however was a different place. Sounds of life on this floor were the sounds of machines that sustained the people seemingly asleep in their assigned hospital beds.

Most of her time here Latricia blended in the surroundings and tried to be as quiet as the patients here but not anymore. She started talking to her comatose sister and soon found out she couldn’t stop.

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Browns – Round 3.2

Round 3 continues! It’s Brown’s again, if you missed the first part read it here. If you don’t feel like reading it just go on.

Day 3

TS3W_2015-10-24_16-02-55-68Yesterday Harry sold his favorite painting. It wasn’t easy for him, it was the first thing he had done after he decided to pursue his painting career. It was also painted in the time his mother was still alive. That is how his life was divided right now The Before and The After.

He wanted it to change, he really did. Especially since everyone he knew noticed his mood never changing, just last week Tomas, his own brother, had a party and did not invite him. He was dragging everyone down, with his constant talk of death, or so he heard. He admired Hazel’s ability to go on. He told him once that mum was with them, in their heads and in their hearts and will be as long as they live. Harry knew that gave him strength to keep living his life the way that mum would want him too but he could not just accept it, he could not stop thinking that his mother was gone. She was not in this world anymore. Her body lay in the ground. She was gone.

He talked about it with Junior, Hannah’s husband. In a strange way he could understand, better then anyone. Maybe because he had lost both of his parents too, one when he was young and the other later in life but maybe also because he was a grown man who had to be strong, for those around him, those he loved.

That is why Harry sold the painting, for those he loved.

Rhaenys had Wednesday’s off so Tuesday night could be a nice date night. He called her in the morning, she wasn’t at the lab, last month her big experiment, one she had been working for nearly an year finally worked so she was writing a paper about it. She told him she had plans for the afternoon but he could pick her up at the Salon. A new styling place just opened and it seamed that everyone was getting haircuts these days.

Harry spent the day running errands and then showed up at the Salon, in his nicest clothes with a bouquet of flowers. Rhaenys had her hair shortened, he didn’t fail to notice, she still looked beautiful, TS3W_2015-10-24_16-14-33-30and coincidentally she wore the same dress she wore for their first date.

A smile escaped Harry’s lips, it happened every time she saw her. He had planed the whole evening, this was merely a start but seeing her, the sunshine of his life, he couldn’t wait one more moment.

So he got down on one knee, nearly dropping the ring as he fished it out of his pocket, that’s how badly his hands shook. “What’s going on Harry? What are you doing?” She asked but he turned around in an instant. “Rhaenys Targeryen, my life changed the moment I first saw you, there was never a woman who made me feel what you make me feel every single moment when you are around.” His felt his voice was shaking but he went on. “I would make a fool out of myself every day only to make you smile, and I live for you, and your happiness… And nothing, and I mean it, would make me happier than if you would become my wife.” He looked in those pretty lilac eyes, his heart threatening to explode. Waiting. She smiled. “I love you Harry, and yes, sweetie, a thousand yeses.” He jumped up and hugged her. He even lifted her in the air, she laughed and he was happy. For the first time in the longest while he was truly happy.

He proposed to ditch all other plans and just go to his place (they never went to her house) and have mad, engaged sex. She just smiled and said she was looking forward to dinner, so on to diTS3W_2015-10-24_16-18-45-94nner it was. He took her to the beach bar, that had a nice terrace that overlooked the ocean. They sat there for a while and debated between pizza and spaghetti, they both wanted Italian and then as a real gentleman he went
to order food and drinks.

He had barely taken a seat when and was about to make a comment about how lovely a night it was, with stars sTS3W_2015-10-24_16-19-34-65hining so bright, or some crap like that, he was a man in love after all when he heard a child’s voice: “Mummy?”

He had never before seen Rhaenys’ son but the moment he had lain eyes on the little boy before him he knew it was him. He had the same light, almost white, hair and even though his eyes were dark blue there was a lot of his mother in him. Rhaenys jumped up immediately upon seeing him: “Aenys! What are you doing here?” “I was looking for you mummy…” “In a bar? Where is your father?” She turned around furious but it was clear the boy was alone. “He is at practice.. I think… He said you went to get a haircut and you never came home… I was worried…” The boy was on the verge of tears and Harry felt very sorry for him. He hated not being with his mum too when he was his age. He wanted to say something, but no soothing words came to him. “And you just sneaked out to look for me? Where was Diane? I swear I’m gonna kill someone!” And she seemed ready to. Harry could understand. The boy was no more than five or six and here he was, in a bar, alone but still he tried to calm her down. “Rhaenys…” He lifted his hand to touch her but she pulled it back. “Not now Harry.” Her eyes never left the boy. “Let’s go home Aenys, I’ll have a talk both with Diane and your father. Come on.” She held the boy’s hand tightly, but not with the hand which displayed her new ring, one that cost Harry his favorite painting, she kept that one behind her back. As she was about to leave she turned around to Harry like she just remembered he was there as well. “I’ll call you later, take the food home.”

Harry sighed as she watched her go. She never introduced him to his son. They were dating for three years, hell they were getting married and this was the first time he even saw the little guy. He sighed. They were going to talk about this, as soon as possible he told himself. He begged the waitress to pack their food and he drank both their drinks before hailing a cab.

He sat in the car, his face pressed to the window, holding his phone in his hand, not to miss a call from Rhaenys. This was so not the way he wanted this night to end but now he couldn’t wait to get home, all alone… It was then that he noticed something outside. “Stop the car!” He yelled at driver who suddenly hit the brakes, almost making him drop the food containers from his lap. “Could you please wait here for a second?” He asked the driver as he ran out.TS3W_2015-10-24_16-20-25-12

The person he saw was almost completely emerged in a big dumpster behind the theater, only his legs were sticking out in the air but he would recognize those damn sneakers anywhere. “HAZEL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” He yelled hoping a smelly hobo wearing the same shoes as his younger brother will climb up from the dumpster looking at him confused. He wouldn’t even mind if the hobo would attack him, he could use a good fight. Instead his worst fear was confirmed as his brother poked his head out of the dumpster. “Harry? What are you doing here?” He asked genuinely surprised. “I should ask you the same thing dumb fuck. Please tell me you had accidentally thrown something away, and please make it super important.” He was exhausted, he did not want to deal with this right now. Hazel got out of the dumpster and shook his clothes out a bit. “I was just looking around. You would never believe what kind of stuff people throw away, seriously, you can find some cool stuff, just the other day I found the…” He then stopped suddenly. “Never mind.” He mumbled. “What if somebody sees you Haze? You want people thinking we live out of dumpsters now that mum’s gone? Ha?” “No one could see me Harry! It’s late. And what are you doing here anyways?” “A date… Don’t ask… Let’s go home.” He didn’t feel like telling Hazel about his engagement just yet…

The cab driver refused to take Hazel in, him smelling like garbage so he only picked up his food and they walked. What a day… Harry thought as he walked besides his brother. “I’m sorry Harry…” Hazel said quietly. “I was being stupid…. It’s just… People waste so many things, they don’t appreciate what they have… And… I’m sorry.” He repeated. “Don’t sweat it Haze, just… Don’t do it again. Please.” Hazel nodded. They walked silent a while Harry only thinking about his damn phone and how it didn’t ring. “Want to know why I stayed longer at work today?” Hazel asked suddenly cheerful. Harry only shrugged. “They needed to set up the theater for a surprise gig… Stiles had to play and his roadies were all out so I stayed to help… And Stiles thanked me afterwards! He even said he might take me as a roadie. Permanently! How awesome is that?” “Pretty awesome…” Harry said indifferently. His mind was half on Rhaenys and half wondering how could his genius brother be so stupid to think he would get anywhere carrying around other people’s equipment, he had this enormous talent and he was wasting it away. If mum was alive she would never allow it.

They had almost reached the house when the phone rang. Rhaenys! He picked it up with haste he never though possible. To his big delight she said she would come over in a bit. He made Hazel take a bath immediately and then proceeded to heat the spaghetti.

They changed into something a bit more comfortable, in order not to stain their clothes with the sauce and ate together. When they were finished he took her hand and led her to the room he and Hazel shared, he was about to break it to him to he is sleeping on the couch when Rhaenys placed her hand on his.TS3W_2015-10-24_16-25-31-08 For a moment he was distracted by the way light shone in that lovely ring of hers but then he met her eyes and she said: “No Harry. We are to be husband and wife, I don’t want us sleeping, or doing anything else in that tiny bed of yours. You are a grown man now.” He took a deep breath. She was right, as always. I’m so sorry mum… He whispered in his head and took his fiancee to her mother’s room.

Day 4

The next morning Harry woke up happy, even though it took him a minute to remember why. When he did he rolled to the other side of the bed with a smile but Rhaenys was not there. He got up hastily, and found his fiancee in the kitchen with his brother, they were sitting on the two sides of the counter drinking juice and laughing. It seamed Hazel just told a good joke. He felt a little stab of jealousy seeing that smile meant to someone else, even if it was his gay brother.

“Morning.” He said standing on the door and they both turned around to look at him. Rhaenys moved a strand of hair from her face, her ring flashing and said: “Morning sweetie.” “Morning bro, you could have told me you got engaged! You dog!” He smiled at them as he moved forward. “Well now you know.” Rhaenys got up to give him a kiss and said softly. “I need to go. There are still things to clear up at home. I’ll see you tonight.” Tonight? Harry wondered as he said goodbye. What the hell am I missing now? But then it hit him. Hazel’s bachelor party!

He had planed it last week, it was another attempt to get things back to normal and to make it up to his brother who had to put with his crap for a long time now. And what was better than a party? Haze loved those.

Thank to his future wife he still had enough time to get everything ready for tonight and to persuade Haze to take the night off.

Since Haze was not your every day bachelor, this was not a everyday bachelor party, he invited pretty much anyone he could thing off. Hazel really liked it. He was super hyped, he even put on some ridiculous top hat Harry didn’t even know he owned. Maybe he got it from the trash he thought but decided he didn’t want to know…

He even invited Hazel’s nTS3W_2015-10-24_16-38-54-26ew mother-in-law, Holly and sometimes during the night he saw Hazel gathering courage to talk to her. Maybe they will solve their issues tonight, he thought, all thanks to me.

But the real big event was the arrival of his dancers. This wasn’t an ordinary bachelor party, sure, but some cliches had to happen.

Their performance was crazy fun, especially for Hazel and thTS3W_2015-10-24_16-41-26-19e female part of the audience and his new stereo found a good use. Only for a brief moment did he think of his mother, wondering what she would say to the sight of half naked fireman dancing in her kitchen.

Hazel got to break out his dancing skills, he was the on dancing the most, he even flirted a bit with one of dancers, all standard party stuff. Harry himself had to jump in when for a while he thought something was happeHazelAndDancersning to Rhaenys when he heard her shriek but it turned out it was only Nina Caliente showering every one with champagne, they all had a good lough about it afterwards and it was all repeated later, in the yard after Dina Caliente gave a wonderful, heart warming toast to Hazel and then proceed to empty the bottle on his head since Hazel did not drink.TS3W_2015-10-24_16-45-49-14

It was a wild party, at least the bits Harry remembered.

/*Hope you like this one, I know I do. 🙂 It was fun both to play, and to write.*/