Caliente – Round 6.2 : Where it went wrong

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“Flowers, really Bran? That’s suppose to fix this?” Nan asked sharply. Her tone was cold and there wasn’t a trace of amusement in her light green eyes.

“It’s a start.” Bran said and smiled. He hoped his girlfriend would smile back. But she didn’t, of course she didn’t.


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Caliente – Round 6.1: An empty chair

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Summer was nearing its end, the nights were no longer warm and there were more cloudy days and sudden rain showers. But in the largest room of Sunset Valley’s only theater it was rather hot. The room was filling up with people making Branden squirm in his chair nervously as he felt sweat dropping out of all his pores.


“Do you need to use the bathroom? If so hurry up, they have almost started.” His sister Latricia said turning to him concerned.

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Hoves – Round 6.4: Crushed

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The place where Frederica Hoves found herself that evening was ugly, unwelcoming. Even Frederica had to admit to that as she looked at the monstrosity in front of her.  The exterior of the mansion, or whatever you called the house was made of ugly, grey and mismatched stone. The front door was huge but unappealing. For most people it would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to live here. Most people might be scared or at least creeped out at the sight. Frederica however could not help but smile. It was just the kind of place she would like to live in one day.


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Hoves – Round 6.3: Girl Problems

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“So you can’t explain why you girls are so damn complicated?” Kerry Hoves asked his best friend Persephone Santoro. Persephone smiled as she placed her hands on the metal chains of the swing she had been sitting on.


“You are dangerously generalizing things Hoves…” She said as she pushed herself around with her legs still touching the ground.

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Prentiss – Round 6.4: More Surprises

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“Now that was enjoyable.” Phoibe Santoro said to Rita Pretniss once they were outside the theater. The night was a tad cold, but Rita welcomed the breath of fresh air. She had felt terrible that morning, she had been throwing up since she woke up  and she was afraid she had caught some bug and would have to cancel this outing with her best friend but thankfully she felt better so in the end she could join Phoibe and see the symphony with her.


Rita bought the tickets days ago, it wasn’t that often that the symphony performed in their little town and she knew Phoibe was a big fan of classical music so it was a perfect opportunity for the two of them to spend some time together. Seeing her friend happy for the first time in months made the evening even better.

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Prentiss – Round 6.3 : New feelings

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“Is everything okay Nan? Are you feeling well?” Her mum asked. They were in the dinning room, having dinner just the two of them and like it had been lately Nan’s mind was elsewhere. She had never felt so unlike herself like she had the last couple of days. All of her thoughts were jumbled and unclear, her razor-sharp mind that always kept her grounded and in the present, assessing every situation as it happened had gone completely haywire. It made her feel as absent minded as her older sister Lena and she didn’t like it one bit.


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Prentiss – Round 6.2: The Unexpected

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As weeks passed and then turned into months Nan and Bran became a real couple. They spent all their time together, going to the beach on warmer days, kissing on park benches, walking the school hallways hand in hand… It was strange at first to have someone who actually liked her, someone she didn’t share a womb with but it turned out it was pretty easy to get used to. She loved the way other girls looked at her now, she loved the gleam of jealousy in their eyes as they saw Bran walking besides her. Once she got her hands on him the timid little boy that crept around the corners was completely gone. The boy Nan dated  was confident and happy, full of jokes she didn’t quite get and smiles that could light up the world. And all those smiles were directed only at her.


What could be better then becoming the center of somebody’s world? Having besides you a person who would turn it all upside down if you as much as asked for it?

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