Caliente – Round 6.3: Back to school

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When it was time to go back to school Bran had mixed feeling about the whole ordeal. In one hand he was glad he would see get to see Nan every day again. He was hoping that would force them to talk again and talking might help repair things between them. In the other hand he dreaded seeing everyone else again. He still remembered the bad rep his best friend Kerry got after he was seen flirting with a girl that wasn’t his girlfriend at his party. And what Bran did at the dance was much, much worse…

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Mayor – Round 5.3: Slow Summer Days

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It turned out to be one of the hottest summers yet. Lysa didn’t do well with the heat and this year it was practically unbearable. So she decided to spend more time at Jill’s house. Her mother did have a nice new pool, and both her brother Zeke and sister Vanessa were there as well.

Time passed fast, Lysa would go to work, then back home and straight to the pool. Her mother had retired from her job at the bistro and would join her there, if she didn’t she would be either reading a book in the shade or working in her garden that need constant care in this awful weather. Lysa helped her out whenever she could, and so would Zeke and Vanessa.

Screenshot_30Zeke worked really hard this summer and when he would come out to join Lysa by the pool he would mostly just doze off, still fully dressed, in the smoldering heat. Lysa knew Zeke didn’t really like his job at the City Hall,  he applied only because his sister Laquita applied and made him do it too. But he was saving money so he and Marty would buy a house after they get married so he couldn’t just quit. And Lysa knew although he was working hard, he wasn’t really getting far, the best he could hope for right now was the promised spot as a ballot counter on the fall elections. Zeke however wasn’t backing down.

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