New Sunset Valley

This blog tells a story of Sunset Valley, but if you are a Sims player it might not be the Sunset Valley you expect… The original town was cleared of almost all the original community lots and families and it is inhabited by a totally new assortment of characters.

The story this blog tells is about the whole town, all its inhabitants and families trough time and generations.

The town’s current population is 83, 22 elders live in this town along with 12 adults, 20 young adults, 16 teens, 9 children and 4 toddlers.

The story of the town is currently told trough members of 9 families.

The story is mostly game oriented, I play every family in town circularly. Currently I’m on round 6 (since starting this blog).

If this does not sound interesting, you can also check out my other blog: Stories in Clay, it is a story focused on a single sim and his life, right now the main character is Harwood Clay a premade sim from the Ambitions expansion pack but the story is meant to follow the future generations of Clays as well.

Latest post

The Families of Sunset Valley

The page link above will take you too a page that introduces you to all families living in Sunset Valley  and are currently featured on this blog. The page has a brief description of each family and it’s story and link to their story’s table of contents.

People of Sunset Valley

The page link above will take you too a page that introduces you to all individuals living in Sunset Valley, and characters in this story.


Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope you find something you like. Any feedback is very much welcome. 🙂


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