Hoves(Jesse) – Round 6.3: Coming home

/* With this post we return to the normal story line of Round 6, events from this post happen sometimes after Crushed. */

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“Okay, Lena and Jacob you are up next.” Krystal watched as two of her students got up from their seats and headed up to the front of the class for their presentation. This was the last of the presentations of a project she had given her class a month ago. When this is over she would have to get back to her usual lessons… The next book her class would read, according to the standard Simlish Curriculum should be: “A magnetic attraction” by Grant Rodiek. Krystal didn’t rally like that book and was already thinking about what she could replace it with when her thoughts were interrupted, not by the start of Lena and Jacob’s presentation, they were still in the process of preparation, whispering something to each other in front of the blackboard.


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Hoves(Jesse)-Round 6.2: Escape

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The days that change one’s life often come when you least expect them too. For Irene Hoves one such day came in the middle of spring. It was her last year of school and all she could think about was the months that separated her from absolute freedom… Months that would soon be just days…

She was planning to spend this afternoon with Kain, that usually made time fly faster but he had to go into the city this afternoon, something about some new comic or whatever. Kain was surprisingly into those geeky stuff. His favorite sport was chess for crying out loud! But still Irene didn’t mind too much, she was sure she would find something to do…

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Hoves (Jesse) – Round 6.1 : Locked up

/* Events from this and the next post happen before the other events described so far in Round 6, they start right after Illustrious Author, also I have made two new pages: Families of Sunset Valley and People of Sunset Valley so if you have time check them out, tell me what you think 🙂 */

Table of Contents

The cell that they put Irene in was grey and dirty. It smelled of urine and something else, something nasty. Irene did her best not to dwell on the smells too much, she figured not knowing was better. At least she was alone, and the cell was quiet. she was in no mood to deal with other human beings right now… She wished she had her phone though, that would help her pass the time, and get her mind off those terrible smells… But they took her phone when they arrested her…


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Hoves (Jesse) – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Hoves (Jesse) family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



The Hoves family originally started with the Hoves brothers, Freddie and Jesse, and Freddie’s two kids: Junior and Mya. Freddie’s wife died in a fire a few years before so he decided to move to a new town and start over, his younger carefree brother Jesse came with him. They were both cops in their old hometown so they decided to join the police force again. Jesse chose a life that best suited him, partying and meeting women. He was perfectly happy being single but when one of his girlfriends Elena got pregnant and left her husband Jesse had no choice but to invite her to move in with him and his brother’s family. Out of their twins only one girl survived,  little baby Krystal. After she was born Jesse struggled to do the right thing, for her and her mother (especially since the first time he became a father he failed so miserably). So he proposed to Elena and they organized a wedding ceremony but half way trough they decided that wasn’t what they wanted… So they let Blair and Freddie marry that day instead and the next they the three of them moved out to be their own family.

Elena struggled with depression after her family fell apart and one of her babies died, Jesse tried to help her but he just couldn’t… So he concentrated on making sure Krystal had everything she wanted. He and Elena broke up eventually but they still lived together for their daughter.  After his break up with Elena Jesse got yet another girl pregnant, Nadine was a broke bartender and she left the care of their daughter Laquita to him. And so with the help of Elena and Krystal he raised another daughter.

The family would expand once again when Elena married again. She was very old at the time and Jesse suspected she was afraid of dying all alone.  And so it happened, shortly after her second marriage Elena died. And while the household was still mourning her loss Jesse managed to ruin yet another marriage, and again he let his girlfriend Jill and his son Zeke to move in with them. He and Jill would not be together for long, and she would find solace in another short fling, with none other then Darryl.  The affair would produce yet another child, Vanessa. After the break up Daryl would move out and start another life, Vanessa would go on and live with him for a while but eventually she would return to her mother. 

When Jesse reached the elder stage he finally decided he was ready to commit. He married Nadine who had stayed with him the longest. She moved in to the house bringing with her another daughter Jesse had no idea he even had. 

In time Jill moved out with her kids, Zeke would still visit his father from time to time and Krystal, Laquita and Irene stayed with Jesse after Nadine’s death.


Round 2.1


Family members:

Vanessa returns to her only home after being away for a while, she is greeted enthusiastically by her friend Lucky and brother Zeke. She overhears some conversations and learns her mother got engaged without telling her. She overreacted to this news and has to be calmed down by Lucky and Zeke. 

Round 2.2


Jesse surprises his wife, in order to score extra points for flirting with another woman at the party. He goes to pick up his daughter Krystal and tries to convince her to spend more time having fun, and less time working but she wouldn’t hear about it. The next day he finds out Vanessa had come home in a police car after sneaking in to the Public Pool with some other teenage boy, he feels lucky the same thing hadn’t happened to one of his daughters. He gets a tattoo from his neighbor Holly, teaches his son some dance moves and decides he wants to go back to work.

Round 3.1


Family members:

Krystal skips work for a day and runs into another teacher from school, Tomas Prentiss. She successfully avoids Tomas and has to run home where she has to deal with her little sister Irene and Laquita’s boyfriend who really shouldn’t be here. She dwells on her own thoughts of family, marriage, children… And the fear she has of showing the world who she really is. The next day she tries to talk to her youngest sister Irene but she isn’t really interested. That evening someone brakes into their home, her father puts and end to it and assures Krystal this has nothing to do with the secret case he is working on but Krystal herself has some doubts…

Round 3.2


The Hoves household is wrapped up in a discussion about last night’s burglary but Laquita has other thoughts on her mind, today is her graduation day! She drives her family to the City Hall and surprises her father by inviting her older half-sister Rita with whom her father is trying to reconnect for years. Afterwards they all have a family dinner and she gets a present from Krys. The very next day Laquita starts working on her dreams, she starts looking for a job in politics. She even asks her boyfriends mum to help her out. She also tells her she does plan to marry Ahmed one day.

Round 4


Family members:

Zeke returns home for a while, he is greeted by Krystal and he finds out she had nearly lost her job, his father had been suspended and Irene had to start working. He confides in Laquita, his best friend about how he wants a job and she convinces him to apply to be a ballot counter on the next election.  He goes with her to the interviews but he doesn’t get that job, the only one left is a podium polisher at the debates but he accepts it. The next day he goes with his girlfriend Marty to entertain sick kids at the hospital. Once they are back at his house he gets on one knee and proposes.

Round 5.1: Moving on


Family members:

Jesse focuses on his old hobbies, drinking and dancing as he tries to recover from the loss of his wife Nadine. One night he goes to the park instead to a club and there she meets a lovely young girl named Phoibe Santoro…

Round 5.2: Dating


Jesse and Phoibe go on a first actual date. Jesse learns Irene has a boyfriend but he lets Krystal deal with it.

Round 5.3 : Redemption


Jesse finds a new place to hang, meets a boy named Kain while jamming and tortures him with pictures of his gradndaughters. He is determinted to redeem himself for abonding his oldest daughter Rita by getting close to her daughters.

Round 5.4: Coming back


Jesse gets a visit from Lysa, Phoibe’s step-sister. She doesn’t mention Phoibe but inquires about Jesse’s job. This gets him thinking and he goes to the station to talk to his niece, and his boss about going back to work.

Round 6.1: Locked up


Family members:

Irene finds her self in a jail cell after committing theft with her boyfriend Kain. Her father Jesse comes to talk…

Round 6.2: Escape


Irene runs away from home after getting some very bad news concerning her father…

Round 6.3: Coming home


Family members:

  • Krystal Hoves (adult)
  • Laquita Hoves (young adult:  Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Good, Savvy Sculptor, Easily Impressed, LTW:  Leader of the Free World)
  • Irene Hoves (young adult: Loner, Slob, Evil, Neurotic, LTW:  Gold Digger)

Years after her father’s death and her sister’s disappearance Krystal gets a visit one day in class and with it she finally receives news of her youngest sister’s faith…

Round 6.4: Welcoming Party

Screenshot_7Irene is back to her old ways but that doesn’t really mean Krystal trust her… So she follows her sister around town in hope to get some answers to where she was and more importantly why exactly is she back…

7.1: Budgets and Boyfriends


Family members:

  • Krystal Hoves (adult)
  • Laquita Hoves (young adult:  Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Good, Savvy Sculptor, Easily Impressed, LTW:  Leader of the Free World)
  • Irene Hoves (young adult: Loner, Slob, Evil, Neurotic, LTW:  Gold Digger)

Lucky is busy at her work for the City Council. She plans to run for mayor the next election. Her boyfriend Ahmed on the other hand is unemployed and uninterested in starting a family…

7.2: Donations and Dinners


Lucky gets a big donation from a handsome but engaged fireman. To top it all he invites her to dinner…

7.3: Family and Frustrations


Irene gets some unsatisfactory gossip from her sister. She tries to devise a plan to separate Tomas Prentiss and Phoibe Santoro. She is discovered to be the person behind the new drug with the street name I.

Hoves – Round 6.4: Crushed

Table of Contents

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The place where Frederica Hoves found herself that evening was ugly, unwelcoming. Even Frederica had to admit to that as she looked at the monstrosity in front of her.  The exterior of the mansion, or whatever you called the house was made of ugly, grey and mismatched stone. The front door was huge but unappealing. For most people it would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to live here. Most people might be scared or at least creeped out at the sight. Frederica however could not help but smile. It was just the kind of place she would like to live in one day.


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The Sunshine Blogger Award

As I mentioned in my previous post Sylianna, author of The hunt for Freedom and A Ramble A Day  had nominated me for this award. 🙂 I am very grateful and honored to have received this nomination.


What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Well, it is of course an award for bloggers from other bloggers. It is a beautiful way to share all the amazing things other bloggers do and write about. To recognize their efforts in inspiring others to do what they love.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

Questions from Sylianna:

1.What inspired you to become a blogger?

I have always loved to write but I was never actually brave enough to show any of my writing to anyone, I actually did my best to hide my writing from people who knew me. I wanted to change this but didn’t know how. I figured starting an anonymous blog sharing my sim stories was a good way to begin sharing my writing with the world.

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I honestly don’t know. I like both cats and dogs. I never owned any of them though.

3. If you had to choose between saving your nearest and dearest friend or thousands of people, who would you sacrifice?

Wow, that was a rather though question! I honestly don’t think I could live with either choice. I would have probably saved my nearest friend, even if that sound selfish, but as I said it would have been a hard choice…

4. Is your favorite season spring, summer, fall or winter? Why?

Spring! Even though where I live we barely ever have spring as a season anymore, a few weeks between winter and summer at best but it is still my favorite season. I love the feeling of abandoning boots, coats and other winter clothes, enjoying the sun without it being too hot.

5. If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?

I would stop all wars… Just erase the idea that killing innocents can be used for personal, political, monetary gain whatever.

6. Given the opportunity to go anywhere, what country would you visit?

Another tough question. 😀 There are many places I would like to visit. Starting by visiting every country in Europe. If I were to travel with my boyfriend it would have to be somewhere north because he doesn’t like the heat so maybe Sweden.

7. What was your favorite bedtime story or fairytale?

I loved stories as a kid! Unfortunately my early childhood happened in a war and my book choices were limited to what people didn’t burn for heat. But my dad would tell me and my brother stories every night, I think the one that I remember most was Little Red Raiding Hood or Crvenkapica in my language. When me and my brother got tired of it we would make him come up with his own versions about girls with blue and yellow hoods. 😀 I don’t really remember those versions, I wish I did, maybe they were better than the original. 😀 Later when I got access to more fairy tales I liked Beauty and the Beast.


8. How much time do you spend check your blog for views, likes and comments?

When I’m bored at work about five times a day. 😀 When I’m home I usually check once a day, in the morning or evening, or when I get an email notification somebody left a comment, that makes my day and I have to check it immediately.

9.Your favorite color?

I like colors! All of them, if I have to choose… I loved yellow as a kid, now maybe purple…

10. If you could go back in time and redo any point of your life, what would relive?

Hmm if I couldn’t change anything and just relieve a part of my life then definitely college. Those were the best years of my life so far. I think, I was happiest then. If I could change things then high school, I was a big idiot as a teenager. There are a lot of stuff I would change in that period of life. 😛

11. What is the most common app used on your phone or computer?

My computer at home I mostly use to play games. 😀 Sims3 and Civ5 at the moment. On my phone I use mostly apps for communication, Facebook Messenger and Viber I guess.

My Questions for You:

  1. Do you really enjoy writing for your blog? Does it ever feel more like an obligation then actual hobby?
  2. Do you like reading? What is your favorite genre of books?
  3. What is your favorite book?
  4. Out of all the places you visited which is your favorite?
  5. Rank the continents from which you would most like to visit to least.
  6. Are you happy with your current job, career?
  7. If you could make one different choice at any point of your life what would you change?
  8. What is your favorite food?
  9. Do you have any phobias?
  10. Do you like to exercise or do some physical activities?
  11. Besides blogging what are your other hobbies?

My nominations: 

  1. Simdale Valley Post
  2. Rarei’s Fortress
  3. Whalers Plays The Sims
  4. Comedy and Tragedy
  5. Different Winters
  6. The Simeater
  7. The Racket-Rotter Chronicles
  8. Julyvee Sims Stories
  9. A Penguin’s Adventure in Simming
  10. Memory Games
  11. Teacup Talk

(I tried to nominate only blogs that I think haven’t gotten the award so far, there are many other blogs I enjoy reading 🙂 )

Hoves – Round 6.3: Girl Problems

Table of contents

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“So you can’t explain why you girls are so damn complicated?” Kerry Hoves asked his best friend Persephone Santoro. Persephone smiled as she placed her hands on the metal chains of the swing she had been sitting on.


“You are dangerously generalizing things Hoves…” She said as she pushed herself around with her legs still touching the ground.

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