Rosie’s Emails – 5

Dear Tricia,

You were robbed?? I can hardly believe it. And they say cities are dangerous… By the looks of things we in Bridgeport have it good. My building has great security, and I am so up high here no one can just break my window and sneak in… Well mum is right, you should get an alarm or something, it sounds pretty scary what happened. Luckily it is just your TV and some broken glass… I hope lieutenant Sara will fix all that. It is so hard for me to believe it… Our cousin a police officer, who would have thought seeing us grow up, she a policewoman, me a PI… Strange times. Strange things.

As for what is been going on in my life… Well don’t tell mum, or anyone… I fainted in the street the other day. I was with Lola we were talking and then BAM! I woke up on the street holding my head, my whole back aching and Lola staring at me panicking. Not a nice experience I must say…

She helped me up, we got to the ER the doctors checked me up and they called this morning with the results…. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement. 


It turns out it is just my vampirisim acting up. I had spent too much time in the sun. They warned me time and time again how dangerous this can be…. Doctors here have much more experience with vampires so I am sure they can patch me up! Don’t worry. All is well.




Hi Latricia,

Yes I am listening to the doctors. Don’t worry… I stay indoors. Lola comes over. She was very concerned after what happened but it sometimes annoys me how she coddles me like a fragile little flower or a little child. Then I remember how she is still recovering from her loss and I feel bad… 


I am not such a good friend am I? You know more then most how selfish I can be… I am trying to change though… Be better. After our last fight I called Lola over, I made dinner, well mac and cheese but that is something right? At least I didn’t burn them, they were edible I promise…

Small steps right? Dinner might help things between me and Lola but I hope one day I will find a way to repay you and mum and Bran and Sara and everyone…. I promise!


Your sorry sister Rosie

Caliente (Latrica) – 7.1: A disrupt routine

The day started the way most of Latricia’s days started. She would wake up in her big bed, in her big house she now lived alone with. It was a beautiful house, spacious, modern, just wonderful. And Latricia’s alone. Well it was he mother who paid for it but it was a graduation gift and it was Latricia Caliente’s name on all the owner’s papers.

She hadn’t yet gotten used to it, none of it, to owning her house, to living alone to this big bed, so much grander than the bunk bed she used to share, first with Rosie, her big sister and later with Bran, her brother.

But she was slowly getting into some routine. She slipped quietly out of her bed, gotten on her warm slippers and headed downstairs planning to make herself waffles and her favorite caramel cappuccino.


She was looking forward to her first coffee of the day, she was still fighting off sleep from her head, she was out pretty late last night, she was at a party, yet another her manager insisted her to attend. This one was at Mortimer Goth’s mansion where she spoke with Lucky Hoves, a girl barely older than Latricia herself, Latricia went to school with Lucky’s younger sister Irene and she knew Lucky because she dated her ex boyfriend’s brother and now Lucky was running for mayor. It was strange how far some people had gotten with their careers and their lives Latrica thought as she descended the stairs. She was about to step into the kitchen area when she saw something was off.

Her big screen TV, the one she watched all the Llamas games was gone. Just like that. She stared at the empty space feeling unreal. Things, big things don’t just disappear. She lifted her eyes from the carpet taking in her whole room. She then saw the glass scattered all over the floor and the broken window over it. Realization hit then. Someone had been inside her house.


Someone broke her window. Someone or multiple someones crept around her home while she slept. Someone took her TV. She slumped in the dining chair feeling weak and helpless. There had been an crease in robberies all over town, someone had even tried to rob her mother’s house a while ago but somehow Latrica never expected it could happen to her. Bad things never happened to her. She felt her dinner coming up as a strong sense of horror threatened to overwhelm her. At least my piano is still there. She thought to herself looking at her prized possession on the other side of the room. It was probably to big for the burglars to take away, or maybe they didn’t realize how much it was worth….

Once she calmed down a bit she called her mother. Once she assured her she was fine and that she really didn’t hear anything Nina Caliente went into her usual ramblings her daughter knew to expect.

“Well we should have installed the alarm system we have here in your house too… I just never thought… The police is just useless I was sure they would have gotten around to stop this by now… Or better yet you should find a man. No one like sleeping alone, Tricia darling, I know that. So what if you broke up with that Kerry guy… You were right to do so, it is too early to commit to anything.  You are both so young… It is the time of your lives when you should be having fun…” Once she realized Latrica wasn’t saying anything Nina stopped abruptly taking in a deep breath. “I’ll call Sara.”

Sara was Latricia’s older cousin, her aunt Dina’s eldest daughter. Causing large disapproval of her family Sara joined the police force some years ago. “No. You don’t have to call Sara mum.” Latrica said. If her cousin was brave enough to take charge of her life not her mother meddle in her life so should Latrica. She was a grown woman.  “I will go to the station myself and report this.”


Her mother sigh was so loud and so laced with disappointment that Latrica could picture her face so easily as if she was standing right in front of her. She was well used to seeing that face after all.

“Fine. Do as you want Tricia.” Her mother said coldly but not without adding. “Call me if you need anything more.”

“I will. I love you mum.” She said unsure if the older woman heard her over the click of the line being disconnected. She dropped her phone on the table and got up. Her legs were still a little wobbly and she realized she had lost all her appetite but she was feeling a bit better. She got up and got dressed. She felt a little unsure, leaving her house like this but she hopped no one would dare come in during the day.

The trip to the police station was a drag. Latrica wished she had let her mother call her cousin, or at least that she had came along. They constantly pushed her from one person to another until finally they put her in a small cluttered room and told her to wait until one of the officers is free to come talk to her.

You should have used the Caliente name… Her mother’s voice whispered in her head and Latrica pushed it away. She hatted using her family name. It did give her an edge in things but that wasn’t what Latrica wanted, she wanted to be treated the same as everyone else… And then the door opened. A young man in a dark uniform came inside. Latricia froze. Suddenly she wished she had after all told someone her name.

Rosie’s Emails – 4

Dearest sister,

I am so glad to hear you got your own place! There is a certain charm in living alone, is it not? Sure you miss Bran and even mum but it is good living life the way you want it. I am so sad to hear you broke it off with Mikha’il but if you weren’t ready for marriage and commitment then it is for the best. Believe me. And I know our mother isn’t setting the best example in what monogamous life is supposed the be but I hope you find happiness, once you are ready for it. 


As for my love life… You know I went out with Big Hartley a few times and I thought things were going good but it turns out I was wrong. We have fun, talk about everything but it hasn’t been going in the right direction… We haven’t even kissed yet! So I decided to switch things up a bit. Don’t laugh… I tried online dating! I found it is the perfect thing for me, I don’t have to go out a lot, I could do it all on my laptop, wearing nothing but underwear! 

And I met a really cute guy, he is also new to Bridgeport. His name is Wayne and he came here to be a celebrity, he works at a local restaurant but his goal is to get on TV. We haven’t met in person but I hope we soon will! Keep me posted with everything new in your life! 

Lots of love


Dear Latrica,

I didn’t want to leave the impression I am not leaving the house! I am, truly. I go to the gym at least three times a week. I also go fishing, as riddiculos as that may be I find it really therapeutic (I don’t eat what I catch of course, this is the big city we are talking about).


I still haven’t met Wayne in person but we chat and email often. Maybe one day soon… I did see a cute guy in my gym, he is a bit older but he is attractive in a rough sort of way! I saw him checking me out and I hoped he would ask for my number or something but he didn’t. Well maybe next time…

I am sad to hear that there is nothing new on the love front for you… You need to get out there more! I hope I don’t sound too much like mum or your manager.

As always lots of love


Caliente (Latricia) – Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree


Latricia Caliente is the younger daughter of Nina Caliente. So far she had been appearing in the Caliente family storyline along with her mother and younger brother. This would be the first round in which she gets her own story.

Latricia is a nice, friendly girl who grew up with her mother, older sister and little brother. Her mother is Nina Caliente, the famous movie composer, known for her music and her promiscuous ways. Her father was the recently deceased rock star Riam Gradle so it is unsurprising that Latricia always had a talent for music. She plays the guitar and the piano and had graduated on the prestigious Conservatorium. Her mother is now pushing her into a career in performing, and had even gotten her a manager (Hazel Brown) but Latricia isn’t sure that the life on stage is right for her.

She loves her new house but she misses her little brother the most since they had always been very close. Latricia dated Mikha’il Kerry ever since high school and they started the Conservaturium together but then one summer he proposed and she rejected him, not being ready for the seriousness of marriage. She ran off and spent the summer meditating in the temple. Miha’il dropped out of the Conservatorium and became a cop in their hometown.

I haven’t really gotten to writing Latricia’s story yet so I have no idea how many posts it will be. I will also include the email’s from Rosie, the new section I started last round that will feature emails Latricia’s sister Rosie sends from her home in Bridgeport.