Caliente (Dina)-Round 6.3: Raid and recovery

/* NOTICE: This post continues directly on the previous post, I split them up because it was getting too long. I recommend reading previous post first. Also this is a flashback post, it explains the events mentioned in Escape, and happens much before all other posts in this round(except Locked up and  Escape) so don’t get confused. 🙂 */

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In her dream the memories came back. She came to work like she did any other day. She brought two cups of coffee, one for herself and one for her partner and mentor Jesse Hoves. She was really starting to like her job. It was a big change from being a receptionist down in the basement, in the forensics department. She didn’t have as much time as she did before, she couldn’t draw at work anymore, she had to shadow and learn from the senior officer but she didn’t mind it one bit. She knew she would learn a lot from Jesse Hoves. He had been a police officer his whole life. He was old, older then her mother probably but even though his hair had gone gray he still had a charming smile and lively eyes.


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Caliente(Dina)-Round 6.2: Home alone

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Dear Sara,

We are still safe and sound at Champs Les Sims. The place is absolutely enchanting.  Both Justine and I fell in love with his history, the rustic houses, museums, and vibrant nature. I can’t wait to see you and tell you about all of our adventures here because if I were to write them I would need a hundred of these postcards. I hope you would visit here one day and see it all for yourself. Stay safe.

With love


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Caliente(Dina)-Round 6.1: Until death do us part

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(Characters page: People of Sunset Valley)

Dina stood on the balcony of her  beautiful home with a drink in hand. One could say she was enjoying the beautiful view it provided, view of the whole town, her town. But today Dina’s thoughts were elsewhere. She wasn’t seeing the streets, the park, the large glass dome next to the science facility. No. What she saw a beach lighted by a full moon. What she hard were the soft sounds the ocean made as the waves hit the soft sand. What she felt was the sand beneath her bare feet…


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Rosie’s Emails – 3

Dear Donnie,

Sooooo my new job… Not so hot I must admit. I made my own webpScreenshot_31age Rosie’s investigations (feel free to check it out) and the offers started coming in. I bought a trench coat and a hat, trying to get into it for real you know but most of the offers I get are well… Questionably legal to put it mildly (don’t tell on me to officer Sara :P), I mostly gather intel that is used to blackmail people, which means a lot of online stalking, rummaging trough trashcans and intercepting people’s mail. Not cool.

But every once in a while a good one comes my way, my last case I helped a small time local politician, Jeffrey Cook (you probably never heard of him) discover a local business woman is into some criminal activities, I hope this would be put to good use and I believe it will, I do like this Jeffrey Cook, I’ll be voting for him that’s for sure!

That’s about it from the glorious life or Rosie Calinte, PI! Stay tuned 😛


Rosie Caliente, Private investigator



Dear sis!

Glad you listened to Lil’ Bling but we aren’t close anymore, life here moves fast, people don’t stay close, it’s kinda sad but it is how it is…

How is everything little one? When are you getting up here? You know city life is more then big boring buildings 😛 I have even learned fishing here, true, you don’t really catch edible fish in this murky water but it’s fun! Sara would love that I’m a fisherman now 😛 (fisher woman ???). I work hard at the gym, my weight is still going up and down, you are so lucky to have mum’s skinny build! I have even taken up jogging. I love my little midnight runs. This city is so pretty at night!


People have noticed me running and gave me some deodorant to endorse, crazy huh? That’s being famous in Bridgeport, well semi-famous as a daughter of a renowned music composer but it’s something. A girl actually took my picture on the street the other day! I don’t really mind the exposure if it makes my business grow. Pass my love on to mum and Bran.


Rosie Caliente, Private investigator


/*That’s it for Rosie this round, I hope you enjoyed her stories and let me know if you want to see more of her adventures in Bridgeport, also if you want me to keep this format or switch to regular story mode. */

Caliente – Round 6.3: Back to school

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When it was time to go back to school Bran had mixed feeling about the whole ordeal. In one hand he was glad he would see get to see Nan every day again. He was hoping that would force them to talk again and talking might help repair things between them. In the other hand he dreaded seeing everyone else again. He still remembered the bad rep his best friend Kerry got after he was seen flirting with a girl that wasn’t his girlfriend at his party. And what Bran did at the dance was much, much worse…

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Rosie’s Emails – 2

Dear Sara,

I’m so glad you replied. I am very anxious to get things back like they were between us. I really wish you would come and visit me, you can take Jared, or aunt Dina, or both! We could go out, there are amazing clubs here (or so I hear, haven’t tried it myself but I will if you get here, I miss my best friend). I’m glad you here you have a new job, you a policewoman? And Summer’s son in school? I wish I was there to see it!

As for me… Thinks with Big never got on the right foot I guess, we are more friends now than anything else but it’s fine. My therapist says it’s good I didn’t rush into a new relationship. I did met a new guy.Screenshot_2.. We met online, his name is Wayne Bumble. He is also new to Bridgeport, and he wants to be rich and famous, right now as a chef, but he says it so himself, his plans are pretty flexible. 

We haven’t met for real yet but I hope we will soon, his profile picture is so cute, I would really want to take him skinny dipping! 😉

That’s it for now, the job search is still on, something will turn up I’m sure, I don’t worry about it too much. Write to me again, when crime takes a break or whatever.

Love Rosie

Dear mum,

I would like to start this email by saying how sorry I am. For all I made you go trough. what I tried to do was selfish and stupid. I see it now more than ever. I’m so sorry.Screenshot_3

I told you about my friend Lola? You must have heard of her, she is that pop singer, maybe she sang one or two of your songs, I don’t remember. Anyways, she had a son, little Jupiter, I met him, he was a cute kid. I say was because a few weeks ago Big came to my apartment and told me the boy had died, it was some fishing accident, he fell and drowned, or something like that. I never asked for details. It is sad enough as it is. I watch my friend Lola and she is devastated. For the first time I can see what I did to you and it brakes my heart.

I hope you are doing better, all of you. Pass my love to Latricia and Branden, tell them not to worry, I’ll write to them as well.

Love Rosie


Dear Latricia and Branden,

Hi guys, how are you doing? How’s school? Tell me everything, I promise not to tell mum! 😛

I got a new job! I finally fScreenshot_4igured what I want to do. Say hi to your sister: Rosie Caliente, PI. I know you are shocked, but come on, being a private investigator is such an interesting job, and I can do pretty much of it from the comfort of my own home, with my computer, and I don’t mean anything illegal like hacking and stuff, must people share all the details of their lives online, sacrificing their privacy for likes and such. 

So what do you think? All the time I spend on my laptop is finally going to pay off I say!

Write as soon as you can!


I have attached a simtube link for a song by a friend of mine, Lil Bling. He is your age and is really talented so listen to him and tell your friends!

Love Rosie





Caliente – Round 6.2 : Where it went wrong

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“Flowers, really Bran? That’s suppose to fix this?” Nan asked sharply. Her tone was cold and there wasn’t a trace of amusement in her light green eyes.

“It’s a start.” Bran said and smiled. He hoped his girlfriend would smile back. But she didn’t, of course she didn’t.


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Rosie’s Emails – 1

Dear Mum, Latricia and Bran,

I never thought I would struggle so much for words when writing to you guys but believe me I am. Before everything I want you to know that I am fine,  I have arrived to Bridgeport, found a nice apartment and started seeing that therapist that my old one recommended. I’m seeing her three times a week now and it helps me, a lot. She says I’m not ready to reconnect with the past just yet so I can’t invite you too visit but she encourages contact so here is me… Contacting you… 

My flat is not so big but I have a nice big terrace up here, with a view and everything. Tricia would hate it, I can just tell but I love it! The big buildings, the bustle, the noise, the commotion, everything! Here is a picture of my view, in case you don’t believe me.


I hope you are all doing well, I miss you, I really do! Please tell me everything, write, call whatever.

Love Rosie

Dear Sara,

I really hope you won’t delete this email the moment you see it’s from me… I screwed up, I know that, I know I hurt you and many others. You have no idea how hard it is, and was for me, but I’m trying to make it right, to get my life together. I could never make it up to you but I’m trying… I hope you’ll see that and still be a part of my new life, that is how I see this, as if I have truly died and been given a second chance to start over.

If you have read on let me tell you about my life in the majestic city of Bridgeport! I love it here! It’s all I ever dreamed living in a big city would be like, and then some. I kid you not! The downside is it does get a little lonely here and you know me, stuck me in front of a tv or a loptop and I’m never getting off the chair. So I joined a gym, the same one I went that one time when I was here with mum, remember where I met Lola Belle, well I started going there hoping I would ran into her and she would remember me (I did, and OMG she did!!! but more on that later :P),

And one day I’m going in and this guy whistles as I walk by, really whistles and I’m the only girl there! Crazy right? Well I turn around and he asks for my number and I gave it to him, I was like what the hell, how often do I turn heads, right?

Two days later he calls, he asks me out to this art gallery opening. Luckily I bought a new sweater that very day so I don’t have to worry about what to wear! (Picture attached). Well I go out with him, his name is Big, Big Hartley (I see I had not written that before). He lives with (get this): Tom Wordy! (you gotta love Bridgeport, and besides I kinda met him too but that’s another date), anyways he is an ex bounceScreenshot_2r trying to get into professional boxing (an athlete again, I know, I’m talking this trough with my therapist). And we are at this gallery, it’s all fancy, and he is being very suggestive about how he wants this night to end but I play it cool, I talk about art (thanks Sara, I wouldn’t know half of that stuff if it wasn’t for you), name drop Cocoa Brown, he never heard of her but I can see he is impressed, and we end the night at this diner just chatting away till sunrise… The diner’s on this cliff it’s pretty cool, I imagined us kind of watching the sunrise together, a bit of romance but I guess Big just isn’t that kind a guy so we just say goodbye and that was our first date.

As for the second one, well it wasn’t a date per se, he was in the “hood” and he called, asked if I was “up for a walk” and we did walk around the city, just talking and stuff, he bought me some food from a food truck (those are seriously a thing in Bridgeport and the food is… interesting is the right word), and there we ran into his roomie, Tom Wardy and he kind of introduced us, it was cool.Screenshot_3

What else? Oh right! Lola! Well like I said I ran into her in the gym, she didn’t remember me at first but we chatted, I said I was Nina Caliente’s daughter and that rang a bell, she even introduced me to Jupiter, her son. (There is a link to a picture of us from some website, she is THAT cool even in a gym).

That’s it for me… I’m really doing better. I hope you can forgive me and we can move past my suicide attempt. There I said it… Write back please! I want to hear about your life. Did you and Jared set a date? How’s your art? When am I going to see your stuff in a gallery?

Love Rosie

Dear Donovan,

I didn’t forget you, I’m so glad you wrote to me. I’m glad you are doing well, both you and Hazel, send my love to him. What’s new in my life? 

I told you about Lola (that’s right first name basis, suck it Alto)? We saw each other at the gym, talked a bit there, and then the other day, I’m sitting home, minding my own business, watching the news when I hear the intercom and it’s Lola! I buzz her in, she stopped by for a drink and we hang out. Me and Lola Belle. Seriously. (I know you don’t believe me, so here goes, from my sneaky web cam)


Yeah that’s about it… I upped my ranking on online chess but I doubt that tops this. FREAKING LOLA BELLE AT MY APARTMENT!

I’m still looking for a job, I know no one knows better than you that nothing beats working at a spa (:P) but it’s time for a change, my therapist agrees and we’ll see. I’m glad we are keeping in touch! Please write again!

Love Rosie

Caliente – Round 6.1: An empty chair

Table of contents

(Characters page: People of Sunset Valley)

Summer was nearing its end, the nights were no longer warm and there were more cloudy days and sudden rain showers. But in the largest room of Sunset Valley’s only theater it was rather hot. The room was filling up with people making Branden squirm in his chair nervously as he felt sweat dropping out of all his pores.


“Do you need to use the bathroom? If so hurry up, they have almost started.” His sister Latricia said turning to him concerned.

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Caliente – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Caliente family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis in italic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.



I created Dina and Nina for a reconstruction of my Sims2 Pleasantview, I have given up on that neighborhood but I liked Dina and Nina and decided to move them in this save, they were the fourth family to join the neighborhood.

Dina left the household with her wife Nala and her daughter Sara shortly after they adopted her leaving Nina to live with her fiancee Dave Ramsey and their daughter Rosie. Nina however was really not made for commitment and she broke up with Dave a little after that. He left the household leaving only Nina and Rosie there. Nina went on to have a series of relationships and raising to stardom as a famous movie composer. She had an fling with the town’s greatest rock star Riam Gradle which resulted in a child, a girl named Latricia

Nina didn’t really commit to anyone after Dave and she had only one more child, a son Branden. Nina is now an elder enjoying retirement. Her oldest daughter Rosie tried to commit suicide and after her recovery moved to Bridgeport permanently. Latricia is now at college studying music leaving Nina alone with her son Branden.


Round 3.1


Family members:

Told from Rosie’s POV we see her trying to loose weight to impress a young athlete, Leighton Sekemoto. Her younger sister goes to prom and comes home disappointed, unwilling to share her experiences. The next day Rosie and her mother head to Bridgeport where her mother is working on a soundtrack for some new movie. Roise visits the gym and meets a famous pop star Lolla Belle

Round 3.2


Latricia is left home alone while her mother and sister are in Bridgeport. She decides to skip school and stay home with her little brother instead. She is mortified over the disaster that happened at prom and isn’t really up to facing anyone right now. She doesn’t really get away with it since her mother gets a call from the school but her punishment is delayed due to the fact it’s little Bran’s birthday.

Round 4


Family members:

After the break in a the Caliente home Nina goes out and enjoys her retirement drinking in bars, dancing with cute, younger men, visiting parties and getting her picture taken by young fans.

Round 5.1: A visit to the hospital


Family members:

Rosie is in a coma after a failed suicide attempt and Latrica comes to visit. She talks about her life, and he life of their household mentioning all the difficulties she faces after what her sister had done. 

Round 5.2: A party


Latrica continues her story to her sister. She speaks of her new friend and other mundane things. Afterwards she goes home to get ready for Branden’s birthday party where she spends time with her closest friends and realizes its okay to be happy again.

Round 5 – Bonus Chapter: Life goes on


Latricia, Branden and Nina are out shopping, getting Bran ready for high school when they get a phone call from the hospital, saying Rosie is finally awake.

Round 6.1: An empty chair


Family members:

Bran and Latricia go to a concert and Bran misses his girlfriend who didn’t show up…

Round 6.2: Where it all went wrong


Bran tries to reconcile with Nan one more time, after it fails and they narrowly escape being apprehended by the police he thinks back on the last time he got in trouble and the actual reason he and Nan are currently on bad terms…

Round 6.3: Back to school


Bran goes back to school expecting fallback from his fight with Aenys at the dance but people seemed to have forgotten all about it and treat him as usual… One day Nan’s sister Maja approaches him and invites him over so he and Nan can smooth things over. Bran takes a stand and it works, Nan invites him to dinner so he can meet her family.

Round 7.1: Lunch with Dina


Family members:

Nina has lunch with her older sister. They gossip and we found out more about Dina’s recent marriage, Nina’s love life and other circulating rumors. 

Caliente – 7.2: Mother and son


Nina and Bran have a quiet dinner at home and afterwards Nina attempts to reconnect with her youngest child.