Nala Caliente

Nala moved to town with her sister Minissa’s, Minissa’s husband Riam and their son Benji. She was always close to her sister, she shared common interests with her husband and absolutely loved little Benji but Nala wanted a different life for herself, she couldn’t picture herself slaving for a husband. She loved music and dreamed of writing her own, preforming for audiences… Living a life much different than her sister’s.

She started earning for a living playing the guitar and enjoying the single life up until she met Dina. Dina changed Nala’s life in ways she couldn’t have imagined and she fell madly in love.

Dina proposed to her on the beach and the spot became Nala’s favorite place in the world. They got married and Nala moved away from Minissa’s and started living with Dina and her sister Nina.

As Dina attempted to find her way in politics Nala joined the SV symphony. She didn’t forget about her family and visited her sister as often as she could. In time she and Dina had families if their own, they adopted two girls, Sara first and then Summer.

They bought a house of their own. Dina was getting ahead in the shrewd world of politics and Nala became a famed movie composer. For many years everything was as good as it gets and then suddenly it fell apart.

It started with rumors from Narcissa Frail and Nala chose not to believe them, the thought of Dina, her partner for severs decades now, cheating on her, with some petty criminal nonetheless was nonsensical but it gnawed at her, and she couldn’t let it go…

So one day she confronted Dina hoping to set her thoughts at rest, Dina denied nothing and Nala’s heart almost exploded. She was betrayed and broken…

The girls and the house stayed with Dina. Nala found solace in the arms of Jill Mayor, she even planed a wedding but  Jill shot her down and Nala is all alone in a big house she wanted to share with Jill and her family.

She retired from the world of music and rarely plays in public anymore. She even noticed her fame dropping, after crashing a party at Phaena Santoro’s house she was promptly asked to leave. Afterwards she did a cameo in a play and was then asked to do the same for an upcoming movie, the first one to be shot at SV.

She had one date with councilwoman Posie Kerry, a politician again, and she is hoping to end her loneliness again.

Sign: Aquarius

Traits: Great Kisser, Dramatic, Virtuoso, Perceptive, Easily Impressed

LW: Hit Movie Composer

Jobs: Hit Movie Composer (350$/day)

Skills: Athletic(5), Cooking(4), Gardening(4), Guitar(10), Piano(4), Logic(9), Bass(6), Drums(6),  Martial Arts(2)

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