Caliente (Dina) – Round 5.1 – An Interesting Offer

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Screenshot_1Sara ate her breakfast alone. Her mother had a hectic sleeping schedule now that she had retired and she would get up way before Sara did, make something nice (today that was pancakes) and then head straight to her garden to work there. Sara sometimes feared her hobby was becoming more of an obsession but she never mentioned it, Dina Caliente was not one to take any criticism lightly.

It became worse after her sister moved out. The move was not an easy one, for either her mum or Summer, matter of fact it happened after a huge fight between the two ofScreenshot_2 them.

Sara tried not to take any sides and remain a mute spectator in the harsh duel that was actually one big fight that span months until Summer had it and moved in with their other mother, Nala. The cause of the argument was Summer’s pregnancy, according to a story that Sara absolutely did not want to here after their surprise engagement Summer and Bradley had a little celebration under the shower, while their mother was in the house!

A few weeks later Summer discovered she was pregnant. Their mother, who was not a very liberal woman when it came to her daughters gave Summer only one option, to marry Bradley as soon as possible. Summer refused, she wanted her own dream wedding that did not include a big round belly under her dress.

Since no compromise could be made Summer went to live with their other mother, she had a lovely little boy they named Silvester Caliente-Frail and Bradley moved in as well to help out with his son. They all remained in good relations, but Summer never came back home.

Screenshot_3Sara was never closed to Summer that much, they were both adopted by Dina and Nala but whereas Sara was adopted as a baby and knew no other life Summer was adopted when she head already started school and had a lot of baggage from her childhood with her. But that was not the only thing that set them apart, whereas Sara loved art and wanted nothing more then to be a celebrated painter one day, bigger than her role model, and onetime mentor Cocoa Brown Javeed, Summer thought of art and artists as nothing more than garbage. And while Sara had changed a lot of jobs, never truly committing to any of them Summer was extremely dedicated to her job at the spa. And there was of course the fact that Summer had to compete with Sara in everything. Just recently it was about their engagement, and while Sara thought of her own engagement to Jared, while he was dropping dead tired after a shift at the fire department extremely sweat Summer called it tacky compared tScreenshot_4o the way Bradley surprised her.

To each its own, Sara would say but after giving birth Summer was getting even worse, just the other day they were at a party at Aegon Targeryen’s and Sara took his little boy, Maegon in her arms and Summer would comment: “Aren’t you two just adorable, I really don’t understand what are you waiting for Sara?” It wasn’t a mean comment on its own but the way Summer said it really made Sara’s blood boil in a nasty way.

But despite everything Sara still missed Summer sometimes, it seemed to her as if everyone was leaving her, first it was Cocoa, then Summer and now Rosie… I must not think of Rosie! She told herself as she swallowed the last of her pancakes.


Screenshot_14After breakfast she got dressed and headed straight to work. Sara was currently employed in the SVPD. There she worked as a desk jockey in the forensics department. It was not a difficult job even though their forensics department was renowned for their great work, all the smaller towns in the area would send samples to be analysed in their lab but that meant more work for the big shots like Junior Hoves, the big boss, whose expertise was the reason behind all the fame they got, or Alyssa Prentiss, Sara’s future mother in law. Sara herself could relax and take it easy on most days, which was one of the reasons she was still here at all.

The forensics department was in the basement of the building and although the constant glow of florescent lights and the whole reason of the departments existence, could make one slowly loose the will for life that was not a case with Sara. She kept a sketch book and a carton of multicolored pencils in her desk drawer so she would use all of her free time drawing, pretending to work on her computer when she heard anyone coming. Over the years she had worked here she got rather good at listening, now nobody could easily sneak up on her.

Screenshot_15Today was one of those days where she wanted nothing more then to kick back, draw and forget about this windowless place but she was interrupted. Miss. Prentiss was standing on the door of her office which was closest to Sara’s desk, and she called for her. “Sara, a word?” She nodded and got up  from her desk carefully storing her stuff back in the drawer before anyone could see. She followed Alyssa into her office and took a seat when offered to. Although the offices here in the basement provided no view to the outside world they were, at least better furnished than the offices upstairs, and always had the newest, shiniest equipment. Sara observed. Alyssa took a seat opposite Sara and smiled briefly in silent encouragement gazing at Sara with warm brown eyes before speaking in a formal businesslike tone.

Screenshot_16Sara always admired Alyssa Prentiss. She was the only woman in the department, and she was working as hard as any man while single-handily raising two boys. That is why she was intent on carefully listening to any word the older woman might say. “Sara, your yearly evaluation was completed last week.” She began pulling out a folder from one of her drawers. “The department had concluded that you have completed all your assignments with commendable diligence, the recommendation in this file, which I full heatedly support, is to reward you. We have decided to award you with a 7$ hourly raise.” She then smiled again. “Congratulations sweetheart.” Sara smiled feeling her heart beating excitedly despite herself.  It was so nice receiving praise from Jared’s mother.

She thanked her and was getting up to get back to her seat when Alyssa stopped her with:”Sit down sweetheart. There is one more thing I want to discuss with you.” Confused Sara sat back. Alyssa straightened up in her chair and asked. “Do you know who Mortimer Goth is?” Of course Sara knew. She suspected everyone in their whole town knew who he was. He was their only convicted criminal and was suspected to still being in the criminal business, only now, from what she could hear on the floors bellow, he had upgraded from armed robberies to coning rich people out in Bridgeport and Hidden Springs. But that might have only been idle gossip since nobody was able to ever pin anything on him and all the police officers in town had at least some ongoing investigation on him. Somebody might even say he was being stalked by the SVPD. Sara also had personal reasons to know him, he was rumored to be the one who broke her mothers’ marriage apart but that was years ago and she did not want that dragged in here so she just nodded.Screenshot_17

Alyssa looked pleased and continued. “So you are also aware of his activities and former convictions?” Sara nodded again. Alyssa straightened up in her chair. “Well you see Sara, I and many other members of the SVPD believe Mortimer Goth had not abandoned his criminal activities upon serving his sentence, we believe he is a part of a criminal organization that is operating right here, in our town, or rather from our town…” Unwittingly Sara felt a bubble of excitement raising from her chest. She had never been a part of such professional conversations and was very curious to see where this would lead.

“And as you maybe know the whole PD had tried gathering information and evidence of such activities and failed many times.” She said with a trace of bitterness in her voice. “Just a few years ago there was a big raid, a slam dunk for the station really, we knew all the details and were sure we would get them that time but they evaded us, again. Everyone suspected a mole, a leek in the station itself, inquiries were conducted, people questioned. Nothing came of it. But a lot of us still believe Mortimer has someone inside the station.” Sara chilled at the thought but was still super excited, barely keeping it together sitting in this chair. Alyssa took a deep breath before continuing.

Screenshot_18.jpg“Our sources say that there would be a meeting of the organization in the basement of the office building downtown next Thursday. Obviously only a limited circle of people inside the station was given this information and we cannot send just anyone in, or conduct a big raid and have it fail again. This would make the station look really bad you understand…” She stopped and looked at Alyssa deeply. She could feel the warmth from the woman’s eyes but her voice was still stern. “I will not lie to you Sara, it is a very dangerous job, there is no telling what that particular gang would do to anyone they find eavesdropping, and you are to marry my son, to become my daughter so I hope you understand I would not propose this if I wasn’t absolutely sure that you can handle it… But would you do it? Would you be the eyes and ears of this department?”


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