Hoves (Jesse) – 7.1: Budgets and Boyfriends

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Lucky Hoves blinked hard looking at her computer screen, all those numbers on the yearly budget report were kind of blending in together after a whole morning of staring at it. She took a deep breath letting all the negative energy flow out of her, pushed a lock of her unruly hair out of her eyes getting herself ready to start over. On most days city council work was a lot more boring than she thought it would be and there were days, days like this one when she wanted nothing more then to throw herself unceremoniously on a couch and yell I give up.


But there was no giving up for Lucky, daughter of Jesse. She knew she was doing good, no matter how hard it got on some days, she managed to increase the town’s emergency budget and the pay of policeman and fireman and many other small things. People will always complain though and blame everything on the politicians, even the weirdest of things, like that meteor hit that took three lives, four if you count the little dog which Lucky always did.

But this would not stop Lucky, oh no. She was learning every day and she was surer than ever that this would not be her final post, no Lucky wanted more, she had always wanted more. She would make the whole world a better place as soon as the people choose her for its leader. And to get there she would go by step, that was how those things go she learned, you don’t just wake up to be Dina Caliente. Her next goal was to run for mayor next fall for which she knew she should better start campaigning immediately.

She sighed loudly willing herself to go back to work.  She didn’t get a chance to go far however interrupted by the wail of the sirens she heard even trough her earphones. Being a cop’s daughter she recognized that it was a police car moving fast towards the town center. She held her breath as the sound came closer and closer…. Theirs was a peaceful town, real crime was rare yet her own father had been murdered, taken from the world by some criminal’s bullet, a harsh reminder that evil can hide behind even the most peaceful facade.

And now the evil might be back… Lucky thought as the sirens came so close she was sure she could see them trough the window. She rushed to it just as the police car parked behind the town hall and a lanky young man in civilian clothes stepped out. Lucky sighed as she recognised the man and returned to her seat waiting for him to come up.

She turned off her music and impatiently listened as he bartered with her assistant before the door of her office opened and he strolled in. He smiled widely, not taking his black hat off.

” Hey Lucky.” Her boyfriend greeted her taking a seat directly across of her.

“Hi Ahmed.” She replied holding back her irritation. Still his smile dropped.


“Not happy to see me?” He asked.

“It is the middle of the day, I am working.” Lucky said calmly.

“Well I am here to take you to lunch!” Ahmed exclaimed grinning again.

“In a police car? With the sirens on?” Lucky asked making her boyfriend laugh.

“I was in a rush.”

” You are a civilian.” She said harshly and Ahmed sighed.

“You’re a good girl Lucky but some things you just take so seriously… It is Mika’il’s car, he is off today so he is sleeping in and I had to get away love… That brat is driving me crazy… You know I once thought if only he learned to talk he would be more bearable…” He let out a long sigh. “So I wasted time teaching him to form words and now he is more annoying than ever. Ahmed what is that? Ahmed why is that? Who is that?” He concluded the rant in a mock child’s voice. “I hate kids!”

Lucky felt her smile melt and get replaced with a frown. “Don’t say that…” She said softly.

“Why? They are the worst believe me….” Lucky didn’t like the way the conversation was going. She and Ahmed were serious, she loved him, they were together since school. They were going to get married, everyone knew that, and kids were part of that deal, not right now of course, Lucky’s career still had a way to go but someday… She bit her lip to hold the brewing argument back. Ahmed will come around, there was still time…

“Is your mother still having a party this Friday?” She changed the subject abruptly.

“I guess.” Ahmed said with a shrug.

“Am I welcome?” She asked. Years back Lucky used to work for Posie Kerry, Ahmed’s mother but they had a falling out when Posie gave birth to Kenny, Ahmed’s little brother, the annoying brat Ahmed mentioned earlier. She refused to name the father creating a big scandal and her career was spiraling downwards when Lucky decided to jump ship and run for City Council herself.

“Of course you are welcome.” Ahmed said. “You are still my girlfriend.” Lucky smiled.  There was no better place to start a political campaign than a party.

Ahmed was planning on taking her to the local diner for lunch. Lucky insisted they walk, she could not in clear conscience ride in a ‘borrowed’ police car. They hadn’t even gotten through the diner door when her phone rang.

Screenshot_7Ahmed was not very happy when she told him she has to go back. “It is work…” She said trying to sound apologetic.

“Yeah? And that is more important than me?” He said annoyed. “You have your lunch break – take it.”

“I am really not sure…” Lucky said biting her lip. “We have this meeting and we have to prepare, I have gotten nowhere with the budget report…” Ahmed just glared at her and she had to sigh. “Fine. We’ll eat. Fast!” He smiled and took her hand leading her towards the diner door.

It wasn’t till much later, when Lucky headed home after a long day of meetings and budget proposals that she had time to think the state of her relationship. She did love Ahmed, she really did but things just weren’t as they used to be… It was different when they were both in school but now since she had started work, serious work, things had changed, she had changed and in a way he had not. He was not any different from the boy he was in high school… It was because he didn’t have a job, Lucky concluded. Not a real one at least, he was a poet and a photographer but he barely made any money from it… He could do so much more, he was smart, Lucky knew it, smarter than her even. So walking home she decided she was to do something about it…

/* I know it has been a while since I posted. AGAIN. I had this written and planned to take a few more screenshots and publish it last weekend but I was sick and then had a busy week at work… But here it is, the start of this rounds story line for the Hoves sisters, with very little screenshots. */

Hoves (Jesse) – 7: Intro

Since I am getting less time to write and play no the space between my posts is getting bigger and bigger probably making it even harder to keep track of all the characters and interwoven story lines I have decided to do this short intro posts before each new story to make it a bit easier to keep track.

The idea still is to try and make each story work on its own but still being reminded of some background and characters may be of use so here we go.

Family Tree



Jesse’s branch of the Hoves family is now down to three of Jesse’s daughters, Krystal, Laquita and Irene. Last round a dark cloud descended over the family when their uncle Junior came over to tell them that their father had died. He was killed in an abandoned warehouse raid, shot to death by an yet unidentified gunman. His partner Sara Caliente was wounded but survived the shooting. The news shakes all three sisters and their brother Zeke but mostly affected it seems is the youngest Irene, at the time still a teenager. She runs away and when she finally comes back she is a young adult. What happened to her in the time between is still unknown.

Krystal Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Elena Prentiss (deceased)

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Laquita Hoves, Zeke Mayor, Irene Hoves

Half-siblings(Elena): Alyssa Prentiss(deceased), Andrew Prentiss, Hannah Hoves, Tomas Prentiss

Krystal is the oldest of the three sisters. She lost her mother when she was just a child and since then she had taken the role of the family matron taking care of her father and younger siblings. Now that Jesse is dead she takes to that role even more vigorously, ready to take on any challenge to protect her sisters.

Krystal is a Simlish teacher at the local high school. She likes her job and she likes the reading that accompanies it. Between the devotion to her household and her work she is left with little time for any social life but it is a sacrifice she has no trouble making.

While her sister was away she assisted officer Sara Caliente in any way she could in order to find her and bring her home. When Irene finally pops into town Krystal is the first to contact her and urge her to go back home.

Laquita “Lucky” Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Nadine Hoves (deceased)

Full-sibling: Irene Hoves

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Krystal Hoves, Zeke Mayor

Ever since she was a teenager Laquita’s dreams to become the Leader of the Free World, like her role model and townswoman Dina Caliente. She wants to change the world one step at the time and make it a better place for everyone.

She started her political career working for her boyfriend’s mother Posie Kerry but after the older woman’s decline in popularity after having a child out of wedlock and stubernly refusing to name the little boy’s father despite Lucky’s advice she decided to jump ship and start her own career. With the help of her closest confidant, her brother Zeke, and the rest of her team Lucky gets elected as the youngest City Council Member their city had ever seen.

Irene Hoves


Father: Jesse Hoves (deceased)

Mother: Nadine Hoves (deceased)

Full-sibling: Laquita Hoves

Half-siblings (Jesse): Rita Pretniss (deceased), Krystal Hoves, Zeke Mayor

To most people Irene is a mystery. And she likes to keep it that way. She started her life of mischief as a teenager with her boyfriend Kain Vivi her partner in crime. She had even managed to land herself in a jail cell before being bailed away by her father. She hasn’t told anyone where she had run off after learning about her father’s death, nor the reasons for her return.

The first thing she did upon returning and moving back into her childhood home is getting a job at the Science Lab. There she worked as a lab assistant for Tomas Prentiss. After the death of his wife, and Irene’s oldest half sister she tries to seduce him which is why he, with the help of his dead’s wife best friend Phoibe Santoro, gets her transferred to another research project.

To read the whole story or just the summary of each post look at the table of contents.

As for this round I plan to do three or four posts, at least two from Lucky’s POV and another one or two from Irene’s.

Liebster Award 2&3

I know I am not just a little late with writing this but thank you very very much thewindsdorlegacy and raymondsanti for giving me this amazing award!

The Winsdor Legacy is a legacy story currently on generation 3, it is very well written, interesting story featuring many colorful and lovable sims and I recommend you give it a look, if you haven’t already.

Set Apart, story that raymondsanti writes, is a story based of the differences in the family tree challenge. It is on generation 9 and each generation dwells in a different theme and has an interesting, troubled protagonist. It is well written and very engaging so don’t miss it!

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Questions from thewinsdorlegacy:

What is your favorite recipe?

As somebody who loves to eat but isn’t a very good cook (yet, I am not giving up :D) this is a though one… I would probably stick to tradition and say it is “pita” which is translated into English as pie but it is not exactly what most foreigners consider as pie… It is a traditional Bosnian dish (I think it originates from Turkey, or more accurately the Ottoman Empire, although I am not 100% sure, I can’t find a decent wikipedia article in English to link here). It is a layered dish made of dough and filled with different things, meat, vegetables etc. It is hard to explain it but everyone I know loves it, both locals and foreigners so if you are ever in Bosnia, or any other Balkan country make sure to try it!

What is something you’re most proud of about yourself?

Well…  Another hard question for someone with low self-esteem. 😛 (They asked me this once on a job interview and I couldn’t think up a good answer :D). I guess I would say my intelligence, I wouldn’t call myself a genius, but I think I do pretty well with what I am given.

What is your favorite meal of the day?


If you could tell your earlier self anything, what would that be?

Something cheesy like enjoy life, don’t overburden yourself with things that won’t matter in a year, get rid of people that are toxic and work harder on friendships that are worth it.

What is your favorite season?

Spring (although it is becoming a rather rare season here where I live).

What is your favorite room/area in your current (or past) home?

My room in my current house. It is the place where I read, write and play sims!

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

I loved to read! Books, blogs, facebook statuses.. 😛 So it is hard to make something out… Nothing really comes to mind immediately, or more accurately, too many things come to mind…

What do you do to relax during a stressful period?

Go on a vacation! But since this is not always an option: play sims, read, write. In that order.

Where, if anywhere, do you draw inspiration for your writing?

Everywhere! Everything can be an inspiration. But mostly it is the stuff I read, books and other people’s stories.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Where I was a few days ago 😀 Somewhere on the coast of the Adriatic Sea preferably with my boyfriend.

In what way have you changed most drastically over the years?

I have more confidence, a bit higher self-esteem and I find it easier to talk to people.

Questions from raymondsanti:

What is your favorite season?


Do you have a favorite childhood memory? What is it?

I have surprisingly little bad childhood memories considering my early childhood was marked by war having grown up in a city under siege. I guess I was very lucky, or it is just that the child’s mind finds good in everything. Having sad that my favorite memories of those early years are playing outside which unfortunately was a very rare occurrence so those memories kind of stuck with me.

From later childhood, I was already in school, it was winter of 2000 I think, we had a huge snowfall, school was out for a whole week and me and my brother played outside jumping over huge hills of snows (turned out later, when my brother’s leg fell trough one of them – they were people’s buried cars) pretending we are on an expedition on Pluto collecting icicles.

Do you prefer to write by hand or on a computer?

On the computer. It is easier to correct mistakes and my hand doesn’t get tired so soon.

How prepared are you for the zombie apocalypse?

Not at all!

Which character was the hardest for you to kill off?

Well I rarely kill my characters intentionally, in my sims stories at least. It was probably the latest set of deaths, the meteor hit that killed Alyssa, Rita and Lena Prentiss. I could somehow accept Alyssa dying since she was an elder and wasn’t a main character in any of the stories but I loved Rita, her and Thomas were my favorite couple in the current story and Lena was just a teen… I had such plans for her. But game went that way and I decided to go with it…

What is something you hope to achieve?

I want to get happily married and raise nice, happy kids! (boring I know :P)

Paperback or hardback?


What is something you really want to learn?

I wish I knew at least another foreign language but sadly it is just not my thing… I guess I really wish to learn to write better!

If you could change one thing about yourself right now, what would it be?

There are too many things I wish I could change about myself… From the way I look, to the way I act around people, I wish I was less socially awkward… I wish I was more confident… Maybe the thing I wish that I could change the most is the way I feel about myself!

Will you post a picture of your favorite animal here? 🙂


Thank you once again for the awards and the awesome questions! I hope you all like my answers and this cute little sloth above. 🙂

I know the rules state I should nominate other blogs but I am so late with this award that I think everyone I follow was already nominated so I would end this post with another recommendation to visit The Winsdor Legacy and Set Apart!