Prentiss 7.5: The Grieving Husband

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In the days, weeks and months following the death of Tomas’ wife Rita, daughter Lena and eldest sister Alyssa a lot of people came to talk to him, family, friends, neighbors, even strangers. Tomas listened to their words but nothing came to him. He was the kind of person that needed to grieve on his own. Not many people understood that. Rita did. But Rita was gone. No one understood that either. Not fully at least. How could they? They didn’t love her as much as he did. No one in the world did.


Maybe that was why he found it easiest to talk to Phoibe. Phoibe Santoro had been one of Rita’s best friends. They had been friends  ever since they were little girls. Of all the people outside their family she was probably the one who knew Rita best and maybe, just maybe she could understand what a cold and empty place this world was without her.

Phoibe worked at the science lab with Thomas so they often sat together on their brakes. Sometimes they talked about Rita. Often that would end up with Phoibe in tears and Tomas found it hard to bear. They never talked about Lena. He never talked about Lena. That pain was Tomas’ and his alone.

And some days they just talked about life, well work mostly. For Tomas that was what was left in life and he didn’t know what else to talk about Phoibe anyway. He knew she liked classical music and that she played in a band. She never married or had any kids. Rita always said she had bad luck with men. Tomas didn’t understand it. She was a good looking and a smart woman. Still he steered away form those kind of conversations with her. Talk about work and the scientific world were enough.

And then one day he asked for a favor.

“You want Irene out of your lab?” Phoibe asked surprised. Tomas nodded, “Why? Is her work somehow inadequate? You always gave her good reviews…” Thomas sighed. He wasn’t a good liar, he knew that but he couldn’t tell Phoibe the truth. He couldn’t tell her how he believed his young and beautiful assistant was coming on to him and most importantly he couldn’t tell her he was starting to enjoy it.

“It’s just… She reminds me of Rita.” He blurted out. It was evil, pure evil doing what he was doing, playing that card but it needed to be done. Phoibe’s face became grave and she nodded.


“I get it. They were sisters after all…  Rita might have never said it that way but it was true…” There were tears in her lovely blue eyes and it made Tomas felt horrible. Still he knew it was the only way and the right thing to do… “Sorry. ” She said noticing his troubled stare. “I just get like this every time I think of her… She was one of a kind your wife… I miss her dearly… But then again I shouldn’t go one like this, not to you of all people.” She sighed. “Fine. I can get Irene away. It shouldn’t be that hard to reassign her…” Then she smiled slightly. “I’ll transfer her to my mother’s project! She had been asking for people for weeks.”

Tomas smiled. “Yes she spoke to me too.” When Phoibe looked at him quizzically he answered. “I said no, of course.” Phoibe looked relived. Her mother, the once famous talent scout, lyricist and manager of many stars, including Riam Gradle, the famous rock star from their small town, had recently joined the army. Why no one knew, not even Phoibe who wasn’t that close to her anyway. But she became a kind of a PR there.

And now, as they often do the army bullied their way to their lab to conduct some secret experiments or whatever and they were mercilessly trying to recruit scientist to their cause. Neither Tomas or Phoibe liked it very much and bitching about it gave Tomas the perfect excuse to steer of the current topic.

Yet the thought of that conversation didn’t leave his mind for a long time. Irene was gone from his lab and he was currently working alone, which was when he did his best work yet he felt guilty. In his mind he had used Phoibe, lying to her like that, invoking the memory of Rita in the process as well.

So on one of his days off, while the girls were at school and Tracy was at his sister’s he invited Phoibe to come over. He wanted to thank her, not only for the recent favor but for everything she had done from him from the terrible day of the meteor hit till today. He meant to surprise her with flowers and a lovely bracelet Della helped him pick.


“Seems I’m a natural at picking flowers.” He said nervously as he handed Phoibe the bouquet first. “They seem to match your sweater.” Phoibe smiled a nervous smile herself.

“They are beautiful Tomas!” She said as she looked up at him with those lovely blue eyes. Her natural, interesting green hair was down today and she chose to wear contacts instead of the big glasses she usually wore inside the lab. The lab coat she replaced with a goofy green-blue dress and a short purple sweater. She was very pretty Tomas thought again still wondering how on Earth was she still single.

“It is a small something…. To thank you… For everything.” He managed to answer. “It all means so much to me, what you did…” It was hard to find the words so he quickly brought out the little box with his bracelet hoping it would speak for him.

“Oh my! Tomas… You shouldn’t have!” Phoibe gasped as she saw the pretty wrapped box. “You know I didn’t expect this… I didn’t ask for this… I would have done it all again, and again… I would have done anything to help you. For your sake, and your children’s… And… And Rita’s…” She said at last, tears pooling all around her eyes as they did every time she spoke her name.


An ice cream truck drove past. Tomas heard its chimes but the world had disappeared for him. Nothing remained but those sad blue eyes and the tears in them. One of them escaped and Tomas watched as it rolled down Phoibe’s smooth cheek. He was ready to do anything to make them go away. And so he did, the first thing that came to his mind. He leaned forward and pressed her lips against hers.

It wasn’t a kiss fueled with passion, or romance, or love… Or any of the other usual reasons one has for such an act. The closest, most accurate description was that it had been a desperate act of a grieving man. And at first Phoibe didn’t reciprocate. And as they parted and Tomas opened his eyes to look at her he felt panic raising in his chest.


Here he was, trying to do something nice, to make amends, to say thank you and he managed to screw even that up. He kissed her. His coworker. His only friend in this dark times. He kissed a woman who wasn’t his wife, in front of his house, in broad daylight…

He was about to say sorry, to beg on his knees for forgiveness, to explain, in any way he could how stupid it was, how he wasn’t in control of his emotions, of his life, of anything…  And hope she would understand. But then she moved closer, putting her long fingered hands on his hips before leaning in close, so close her whole body touched his and then her lips found him and this time it was different… It was maddening and wild and it made Tomas’ guilt disappear. It made all thoughts desert him and moments, or was it an eternity later as he led her upstairs and on to his hover bed it all made sense. They were two people, lost and sad, and alone and hurt and in need… In need of comfort, in need of love, in need of each other… And that was all that mattered.


Prentiss – 7.4: The Lost Twin II

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Maja was running the answers she wrote on her math test trough her head while trying hard not to bite her nails. It was a nasty habit she knew that, and her mother had bothered about it enough times, but it was hard to get rid of it especially at boring situations. Sitting in a  horrible waiting room, waiting for her regular appointment with the school psychologist qualified as such.

The school mandated those appointments to every student that had suffered some kind of trauma and at first Maja was okay with them, it was nice to vent to someone, someone outside her home, someone who didn’t go trough the exact same trauma but as time went on it was just getting annoying, how many times, and in how many ways could she say she missed her mother, she missed her sister, her twin? How many more times did she have to say she felt empty and incomplete and how sure she was that is how she was going to feel from now on until she died herself and could not feel anymore. It just wasn’t helping. Yet her dad didn’t want her to stop coming here and what could Maja say to that? The man had been trough so much, he didn’t need her disobedience on top of it all.


She had even grown to hate coming to school. She used to like it before, in the times when her greatest problem was that her father was her science teacher. But now it was insufferable. She was almost always alone on recess, trying to catch up with all the schoolwork she missed and dodging people and their pitying stares. Even Domynika, her cousin with whom she didn’t speak ever since she stole Jacob Gradle from her would find excuses to give her a kind word, she even came over their house to see if she needed anything. She didn’t need that. She hated that.  It was stupid and annoying.

She tried to push it all out of her head, force her mind back to maths when the door that lead to the hallway opened and a boy walked in. He was a bit slouched under the weight of his backpack, dark haired, with glasses and a funny little mustache.  He murmured a hello as he worked his way to sit in a chair next to hers dropping his bag on the floor next to his chair and looking relieved to be able to do so.

Maja hoped that would be the extend of their conversation. She had little interest in talking, she just wanted for her damned appointment to start so she could get away from here and back home.

The boy however had different intentions. “Do you have an appointment at two?” He asked turning to face her. “She had to reschedule mine because I had to go to the dentist yesterday, seems she forgot about you and gave us the same slot.”


“Seems so.” Maja said politely still refusing to give the boy her full attention, hoping that might discourage him. It didn’t work.

“Well I hope she reschedules mine again – to never.” He said and smiled. Maja looked him over briefly. He did have a nice smile, it lit up his face. A part of her was glad someone else hated these sessions as much as she did but still she didn’t respond.  “Be honest, do you find these useful?” He pressed on.

“I did a first.” Maja said honestly. “Now not so much.” The boy nodded and his eyes saddned a bit. Here we go again…. Maja thought fuming internally.

“I get it.” He said. “After what you went trough….”

“And why are you here?” She asked sharper than she intended at first.

“My mum died.” The boy said sadly and it made Maja feel bad instantly. “It wasn’t anything traumatic like what happened to you… But she died. She is gone.” He sighed. “My stepfather, Mr. Borders, the principal, he thinks this would to me good… Talking to someone about it since he is pretty lost about the whole ordeal himself, they had just gotten married you know…”

It was then that Maja recognized the boy.  It had been a while since she had last seen him, and he had grown a lot since but she wondered how could she not recognize him earlier. His name was Waylon, Waylon Borders now, and he was Jacob’s little brother. Now she felt even worse, she heard their mother had passed away but she had so much on her plate at the time she simply forgot to call or say anything. She debated if she should say something now but he went on.

“There is one thing that helps though, I think it might help you too. ” He smiled when Maja turned to him curious and produced something from his pocket. It was a pill. A bright orange pill with a line etched in it.


“What is that?” Maja asked.

“A magical malady. Helps with every ache.”

“And where did you get it from?” Waylon looked around before leaning towards her and whispering.

“Freddie Hoves.” Maja frowned. Freddie was a girl from her class, another cousin she was not close with. Her dad was a cop and she knew her mum worked for the hospital. Still she wasn’t likely to be giving people medicine…

“Is it… Legal?” She asked in an equal whisper. Waylon chuckled.

“I am not exactly sure. I don’t think Freddie is either if I was to be honest with you…. But it is good, better than weed or booze… It really is magical. And I have two left.” He added. “Maybe you should try it, see if it will help you. We can get away from here together, ditch this appointment…”

Maja knew she should have said no. She should have stopped talking to Jacob’s little brother right away and patiently wait to her appointment. She should have gone there, talk about her problems and feelings caused by the traumatic death of her mother and sister. Then she should have gone home and done her homework. Yet she did none of those things.

Her father always said she had a scientist mind, she was naturally curious, eager to learn and experiment. But it wasn’t what made her come with Waylon that day.  It wasn’t his cute smile, the one that was very like Jacob and unlike Jacob at the same time, either. She just wanted to escape… Escape everything, the appointment, school, her pain, her life… Everything…

“Where should we go?” She asked Waylon when they were out of the school. She felt adrenaline rushing trough her veins. She felt more alive then she had in months. “Behind the school?” Waylon let out a laugh.

“Hell no, if I was caught popping pills my stepfather would trow me out on the street…” Maja kind of doubted that but she said nothing. “I have an idea… Come…” And so she followed Waylon all the way to the most unlikely of places – the graveyard.


She felt uncomfortable just looking around, she hadn’t been here since the day of the funeral. They buried mum, Lena and aunt Alyssa all on the same day. Waylon however didn’t seem phased. She wondered if his mother’s grave was also here, it had to be, this was the town’s only graveyard.  He walked in big steps towards the mausoleum ahead.

“Come.” He said. “Inside, no one will come looking here.”

“How do you know?” Maja asked slightly uncomfortable.

“My brother works here part time. He told me when it’s empty. Come.” He added again waving towards the door with his hand. Maja sighed and she followed him inside. It was cold when she shut the heavy door behind them. The cold seemed to be emanating from the stone walls around them and she couldn’t help but shiver. Waylon offered his jacket and she took it. He turned on some switch and a weak light lit the chamber. Still Maja felt uncomfortable in this place. Suddenly she wished she had stayed behind.

“Is everything okay?” Waylon asked concerned. Maja just nodded. There was no going back now.

“Just give me that pill.” Waylon smiled and pulled two orange pills out of his pockets and handed them to her. She took one and just swallowed it. Waylon followed. “How long until it lasts?” He shrugged.

“It depends.” Maja sighed.

“So what are we supposed to do until it does?”

“Talk?” Waylon asked.

“What about?”

“Whatever you like.” He said. Then added. “Anything you wouldn’t talk about on your appointment today.” Maja laughed.

“I was in love with your brother.” She said. “I don’t think I am anymore though…”

“Which one?” Waylon asked and she laughed.

“Jacob.” She replied unsure why she was saying anything.

“He has a girlfriend.” Waylon said.

“I know.” She replied. “She is my cousin.”

“You are prettier.” Waylon said and she dismissed him.

“I don’t need to hear that.”

“What do you need to hear? That he is a tool?”

“No.” She said smiling. “It is over now.”

“Good.” Waylon said with a broad smile. “You know why? Because I don’t have a girlfriend!” Maja laughed and then Waylon laughed with her. And so they talked about silly things and laughed a lot. She wasn’t sure if it was the pill they took or if it was all just a placebo effect but she felt good, she felt happy… Better then she did in very long time.  And she was ready to ask Waylon to get her some more of those pills, or even go to Freddie herself if it wasn’t for something that happened as they headed home…

The sun was going down but there was still some light left when they stepped out of the mausoleum and the brightness hurt her eyes. She had to squint and when she opened her eyes normally she froze solid.


Before her stood something that could in no way be real. The figure had a feminine shape, complete with the long hair and she had her aunt’s features. Her dead aunt’s features. Her dead aunt Alyssa’s features. Her aunt died the same day her mother and Lena had died, the same meteor had killed her and her dog and nearly burned down her house. Yet the figure was transparent and glowed orange. If Maja had to describe it with a word she would have to use ghost. But there were no such things as ghosts.

“What is wrong?” Waylon asked concern obvious in his voice.


“I think I am hallucinating.” Maja said not taking her eyes of the apparition. She thought it might do or say something. But it didn’t. It just stood there floating in the air.

“I think that is to be expected sometimes… The I’s have that effect….”

“I’s?” She asked puzzled but not taking her eyes off the thing that looked like her aunt Alyssa.

“That is how I call those magic pill’s. They have an I etched on them. Come, I’ll take you home.” Maja nodded finally managing to tear her eyes of her aunt’s ghost. She looked around hoping to see her mum, or Lena. But when she turned back even her aunt had disappeared. She sighed and let Waylon walk her back home.

The very next week Maja told her dad she wanted to quit seeing the school psychologist. Her father agreed. A week later she realized she was feeling better, she was not yet complete but something changed that day with Waylon. She didn’t take anymore I’s, the hallucination scared her too much but one day after school she found herself standing outside Waylon’s door.

She had come here many times before, she and Jacob had been friends for years. And all those times there was this same flutter of butterflies in her stomach, yet this time it was different and she knew it, this time she had barely thought of Jacob. Only about Waylon. He smiled when he opened the door and let her in.


“Are you here to see my brother?” He asked.

“Nope.” She said and smiled herself. “I wanted to see you.”

“Do you need more?” He asked his face suddenly serious. She shook her head.

“I am done with those. I wanted… I guess I wanted to spend some time with you.” Waylon laughed.


“Yes. I think…. I had fun the other day. I didn’t have fun in a long time…” She said. Waylon smiled again. Such a nice smile… She thought.

“That is cool. I can do fun. Fun is how they call me on the street. Come with me.”


They spend the afternoon in his backyard. They talked and laughed and watched the sun set. And then they watched the fool moon raise and light up their faces. And it was nice. Even for just a while Maja could let go of the pain, and although the emptiness was still there, and always will be Waylon made it hurt a little less at least…


Prentiss – 7.3: The Lost Twin I

Table of Contents

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Maja Prentiss tossed and turned in her bed. Sleep would just not come. It wasn’t anything new, for the past few months more and more nights were like this. She sighed. What disturbed her most was the silence of her room. She knew she would never get used to that. Her whole life she had shared a room with her sister, from their time in their mothers womb to that terrible day that would never leave Maja’s thoughts…

She looked over to Lena’s empty bed. Her pink covers were pulled back and unmade, just as she had left them the last morning of her life. Maja could never bring herself to make the bed, or take them off. She knew Della would freak out and do it one day but not even Della was herself these days. It would take time before everything gets to normal, if it ever does…

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Prentiss – 7.2: The Scarred Sister

Table of contents

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Delores Prentiss was alone in the school’s library. There was a time when she wouldn’t even notice it, she would loose herself in her work until her phone rang and it was her mother or one of her sisters calling saying she would miss dinner if she doesn’t hurry back home. But now her mother would never call again.

That was the worst part of being alone. Her thoughts would stray away towards the dark memories that made her wish she could jump out of her skin and runaway as far as her legs would go. Run away from her life, from everything she had become.

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Prentiss – 7.1: The Broken Scientist

Table of contents

Tomas Prentiss willed himself to concentrate on the numbers before him. He needed to finish this report today, he should have finished it earlier but it was so hard to have anything done with her so close, with her smell all around him, around his lab, with the way he would catch her looking at him… He had hoped she would leave, that is why he had stayed late but alas she was still here.


He tried his best not to turn, feeling her gaze on his back. Eventually however curiosity got the better of him. He saw her propped against one of the lab counters, despite all the lab regulations she had taken of her white coat and was showing off her long legs her short skirt barely covered. When she had seen him turn she threw him a smile that made him wish he had just continued writing the damn report.

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Prentiss – Round 6.4: More Surprises

Table of Contents

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“Now that was enjoyable.” Phoibe Santoro said to Rita Pretniss once they were outside the theater. The night was a tad cold, but Rita welcomed the breath of fresh air. She had felt terrible that morning, she had been throwing up since she woke up  and she was afraid she had caught some bug and would have to cancel this outing with her best friend but thankfully she felt better so in the end she could join Phoibe and see the symphony with her.


Rita bought the tickets days ago, it wasn’t that often that the symphony performed in their little town and she knew Phoibe was a big fan of classical music so it was a perfect opportunity for the two of them to spend some time together. Seeing her friend happy for the first time in months made the evening even better.

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Prentiss – Round 6.3 : New feelings

Table of Contents

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“Is everything okay Nan? Are you feeling well?” Her mum asked. They were in the dinning room, having dinner just the two of them and like it had been lately Nan’s mind was elsewhere. She had never felt so unlike herself like she had the last couple of days. All of her thoughts were jumbled and unclear, her razor-sharp mind that always kept her grounded and in the present, assessing every situation as it happened had gone completely haywire. It made her feel as absent minded as her older sister Lena and she didn’t like it one bit.


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Prentiss – Round 6.2: The Unexpected

Table of Contents

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As weeks passed and then turned into months Nan and Bran became a real couple. They spent all their time together, going to the beach on warmer days, kissing on park benches, walking the school hallways hand in hand… It was strange at first to have someone who actually liked her, someone she didn’t share a womb with but it turned out it was pretty easy to get used to. She loved the way other girls looked at her now, she loved the gleam of jealousy in their eyes as they saw Bran walking besides her. Once she got her hands on him the timid little boy that crept around the corners was completely gone. The boy Nan dated  was confident and happy, full of jokes she didn’t quite get and smiles that could light up the world. And all those smiles were directed only at her.


What could be better then becoming the center of somebody’s world? Having besides you a person who would turn it all upside down if you as much as asked for it?

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Prentiss- Round 6.1 : Orange

Table of Contents

The orange haired boy was there again, lurking in the hallway like almost every other day. Nan was getting used to seeing him by now, he wasn’t really conspicuous, and couldn’t be even if he tried, and she was sure he had. The hair was a big giveaway, it was brightly orange, not the usual ginger but almost as bright as the fruit. Anyone with hair like that could not possibly hope to be able to disappear in a crowd, no matter how big. To make matters worse he was growing it out, or so it seemed. It fell all over his face, stuck in that unflattering phase somewhere in the middle, not quite long yet, but no longer short. Looking at him over the past weeks Nan concluded it might be better if he gave it up, she felt short would suit him better.

But it wasn’t just the hair that made his stick out like that, he was also quite tall. Well, not yet tall exactly. .That was in the process too, lanky was a better word maybe. His arms and legs were long, and all his movements appeared clumsy and ungraceful, as if he was just getting used to it all. Maybe that is why he stopped walking the moment he would notice them coming his way, he would just stop and look.


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Prentiss – TOC

This post contains a table of contents for the Pretiss family with synopsis of each post if you don’t want to read them all (so spoilers obviously).

I try to make each round’s series of posts work as a stand alone short story so each should make sense on its own but if you want to catch up on what happened previously (or check if my writing had made any progress :P) you can follow the links to read them or if you want to refresh your memory or just want to get a fast update of what’s been going on read the synopsis initalic.

I will update this post after each new update for this family is published.

Family Tree



The Prentiss family was the third family to move into empty Sunset Valley. Harald and Elena came to town with their four kids, Alyssa, Andrew, Hannah and Tomas. For a while they were all a happy family but things sadly weren’t meant to stay that way… Alyssa, her father’s favorite was the first to leave the home after an unexpected pregnancy right after school, after her Elena left, she cheated on Harald and came clean after becoming pregnant with her lover’s child. Next was Andrew… Harald just couldn’t accept him being gay and kicked him out after he announced he would marry his boyfriend Hoster. Harald married the second time, and his second wife gave him another son, Harry. Sadly Harald’s second marriage didn’t work out either and after his death the house passed on to his youngest son Tomas who continues to live there with his family.


Tomas married Rita, his father’s second wife’s youngest daughter. They have a happy marriage and had two sets of twin girls, Lena, Maja, Delores and Nandini Prentiss. All four girls are teenagers which makes this household a bit chaotic.

Round 1


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(young adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (young adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (toddler: Absent Minded, Artistic)
  • Maja Pretniss (toddler: Slob, Virtuoso)

Rita struggles with motherhood, both her and Tomas have their hands full with their twin girls. Tomas struggles with unemployment and having to abandon his dreams.

Round 2.1


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(young adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (young adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (toddler: Absent Minded, Artistic)
  • Maja Pretniss (toddler: Slob, Virtuoso)

In this slow chapter we see the family from Tomas’ point of view, we learn the girls are about to be children and that Ebony,  Rita’s mum is around to help.

Round 2.2


Lena and Maja have their child birthday, they celebrate it at home with their mum and dad. Rita shares the big news with Tomas: she is pregnant again, she hopes it’s a boy this time. She also learns her friend Rhaenys is seeing her younger brother Harry.

Round 3.1


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (young adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (child: Absent Minded, Artistic, Clumsy)
  • Maja Prentiss (child: Slob, Virtuoso, Ambitious)
  • Delores Prentiss (toddler: Excitable, Genius)
  • Nandini Pentiss(toddler: Evil, Genius)

Rita deals with the death of her mother, she had another set of twins, little Delores and Nandini, their butler Yvonne quit leaving her and Tomas to deal with their children alone, Maja starts with pranks and Lena enjoys painting. Tomas started teaching science at the local school.

Round 3.2


Maja’s pranks continue, and she gets grounded and is not allowed to go to a writing class with Lena. Lena really likes it and as soon as she is home she starts work on her first sci-fi book. Tomas is left to take care of the kids while Rita is at work, he has to deal with a play-date with his wife’s friend Rhaenys and her son Aenys who is Maja’s close friend. While the kids play Tomas learns Rhaenys is pregnant again and she and Harry are engaged.. He buys the girls a chemistry set, even though his wife is against it and Maja takes a liking to it immediately. That day they have a visit that disturbs his wife greatly, her father’s new wife visits with her youngest daughter, Irene.

Round 4


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (young adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (teen: Absent Minded, Artistic, Clumsy, Athletic, LTW:  Master of the Arts)
  • Maja Prentiss (teen: Slob, Virtuoso, Ambitious, Green Thumb)
  • Delores Prentiss (child: Excitable, Genius, Neat)
  • Nandini Pentiss(child: Evil, Genius, Snob)

Lena has a boyfriend. She got together with her friend Brenton Frail on the day of the dance. She and Maja learn their father is going to start teaching their science class this year. Lena tries to dissuade him while Maja keeps working with her chemistry set and gets asked to the dance by Jacob Gradle. Delores and Nandini are children, Delores cooks while Nandini avoids doing her homework.

Round 5.1


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (teen: Absent Minded, Artistic, Clumsy, Athletic, LTW:  Master of the Arts)
  • Maja Prentiss (teen: Slob, Virtuoso, Ambitious, Green Thumb)
  • Delores Prentiss (teen: Excitable, Genius, Neat, Loner)
  • Nandini Pentiss(teen: Evil, Genius, Snob, No Sense of Humor, LTW: Become a Master Thief)

Maja is stuck in the detention, she is confused by the situation she is with Jacob, he asked her out then spent all his time with her cousin Domynika. Then he asks her out again and she feels like she is going crazy so she goes out to the garden and explores the galaxy and even discovered a new star.

Round 5.2


Maja gets ready for her date with Jacob Gradle. She helps her younger sister with her homework and learns her dad left his job and is going back to the Science Facility where he worked before she and her sisters were born. She goes out with Jacob and learns he and Domynika aren’t seeing each other, even though nothing happens between the two of them that day it gives her hope…

Round 6.1: Orange


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(adult)
  • Rita Pretniss (adult)
  • Lena Prentiss (teen: Absent Minded, Artistic, Clumsy, Athletic, LTW:  Master of the Arts)
  • Maja Prentiss (teen: Slob, Virtuoso, Ambitious, Green Thumb)
  • Delores Prentiss (teen: Excitable, Genius, Neat, Loner)
  • Nandini Pentiss(teen: Evil, Genius, Snob, No Sense of Humor, LTW: Become a Master Thief)

Nandini spots a boy who seems to like her twin sister and decides to put an end to it in her own unique way of course.

Round 6.2: The Unexpected


Nan and Bran are officaliy a couple, a fact in which she enjoys. However when Bran spends the holidays visiting his sister Nan goes back to terrorizing he family members until one day when she receives an unexpected call…

Round 6.3: New Feelings


Nan fights with some unexpected feelings after sharing a kiss with Aenys.  She decides to go to the Spring Dance with him and not her boyfriend Bran.

Round 6.4: More Surprises


Rita goes out with her friend Phoibe, they talk about their lives, the death of Phoibe’s boyfriend and Rita’s biological father Jesse and Phoibe’s new relationship with Mortimer Goth… Nan has a slumber party at home and Rita learns she is pregnant again!

Round 7.1: The Broken Scientist


Family Members

  • Tomas Prentiss(elder)
  • Maja Prentiss (teen: Slob, Virtuoso, Ambitious, Green Thumb)
  • Delores Prentiss (teen: Excitable, Genius, Neat, Loner)
  • Nandini Prentiss(teen: Evil, Genius, Snob, No Sense of Humor, LTW: Become a Master Thief)
  • Tracy Prentiss (toddler: Heavy Sleeper, Friendly)
  • Diddy Cat (adult cat: Playful, Proud)

After a series of terrible tragedies had hit his family Tomas tries to put his life back together and be there for his daughters, especially Tracy, his youngest.

Round 7.2: The Scarred Sister


In this chapter we see how Delores deals with the loss of her mother and sisters, and the fact she survived the meteor hit that had killed them. We also meet Della’s girlfriend Lacey-

Round 7.3: The Lost Twin I

Screenshot_13In this chapter we follow Maja and learn about her feelings about loosing her twin sister.

Round 7.4: The Lost Twin II


Maja finds a way to cope with her pain, with a little help from a friend…

Round 7.5: The Grieving Husband


Thomas also finds comfort, in Rita’s best friend and his coworker Phoibe Santoro.