Rosie Caliente

Up until her parents split Rosie had a nice childhood, although she did at times feel a little overprotected. Since she could remember she was aware of how much she meant to her parents, Nina and Dave, always listening to stories about the children her parents lost, their daughters, her sisters… She did enjoy the attention but sometimes she would feel a tad under pressure, to be the perfect daughter to both her parents.

After her parents died she ended up spending some time with her mother and some with her father, at least until her father remarried and left. She never got completely over it, and she blamed herself for her father leaving.

She was always aware she is far from the daughter her mother would want, she likes playing computer games, or just lazying around watching TV while her mother is more outgoing and fun and spends hours dressing up and Rosie finds all this a bit tedious but she still tries, for her mother’s sake.

When her sister was born it fell to her to take care of her most of the time and they grew up very close, despite the age difference but sometimes she gets a little jealous of Latricia and how pretty she is. Now that Branden is here she knows she has to go trough all of it again, dirty diapers, homework, etc.

Her best friend is Sara Caliente, her cousin. They had been close all their lives. She also hangs out with Donovan Alto, her gay friend from work. She knows Penelope Belgen likes her and she kind of strings her a long even though she herself isn’t sure why. Recently she started sleeping with an athlete, Leighton Sekemoto.

Like her mother she prefers chai to coffee. She once tried to fix her computer and got electrocuted but she doesn’t mind a bit of danger in her life.

Rosie’s stats:


Traits: Couch Potato, Grumpy, Charismatic, GeniusDaredevil

Lifetime Wish : Renaissance Sim 

Jobs: Spa Package Seller (109 $/h)

Skills: Gardening(5), Handiness (2), Logic (10), Bass(10),

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