Summer Caliente

Summer grew up in a orphanage since her mother left her in a hospital the same day she birthed her. She had a decent life there and could never dream that one day she would live in a house as nice as the one she was living right now. Everything changed when Dina and Nala Caliente adopted her and she got a new home and a new family.

She wasn’t a pretty child, just a chubby little girl and had never had much self esteem. Everything changed when she grew into her teens and noticed that boys really like her, for a while she enjoyed stringing along both Harry Prentiss and Bradley Frail but in the end she decided for Bradley.

Summer likes to start her every day chatting on the computer. She works at the spa, and she loves her job, she even likes to work from home, editing the spa web page and stuff. Due to her devotion to school and work she doesn’t have many friends. She plays the piano.


LW: Golden Tongue/ Golden Fingers

Traits: Workaholic, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Can’t Stand Art

Job: Spa Package Seller (88$/h)

Grade: A

Skills: Fishing(3), Piano(4),Painting(1),Drums(1)

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